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Photo by Brian Vu

Written by Patrick McNamara

Brooklyn’s (by way of Toronto) Warren Hildebrand makes some of the prettiest pop you’ll hear. And believe me. That’s not faux Intra Blob authority I’m throwing down. I put the period at the end of that first sentence with authority. I straight smashed my keyboard when I said that. I’m not backing down. No way. No how. Prettiest pop. You’ll hear. Bet. Zoom. Zoom. BOOM.

Foxes in Fiction has been Warren Hildebrand’s warm, synth-driven project for a few years (his full-length debut came out way back in 2010 - whoa - what was that year even LIKE, mannn?) but I’m only getting around to profile the band’s grace and beauty on Whoa My Blobness now. Please tell me not my flaws. For I already know them. Good thing it’s never too late to get into something new. Even if it’s only new to you.

My new discovery comes at a pretty opportune time. As of this writing, the band’s second proper full-length is coming out on 9/23 (in the Year of the Glad) on Hildebrand’s own label, Orchid Tapes. I would like to now play you a most sublime song from it (actually, you’ll have to press play yourself - but I’ll do the rest - like sourcing and copying and embedding and pasting and, well, I won’t snore you with the details - but let’s just say a music blobber prepares - so the least you could do is press the damn play button) called "Ontario Gothic." If you have heard a prettier pop song recently (and by recently I mean your ENTIRE LIFE) then you be lying, son. And there’s no need to lie to me, bb bae bae boo boo. Because we’re 100% real around here. For better. For worse.

(Oh yeah. By the way. The string arrangements on this song were done by Owen Pallett. I love that guy. He makes some of the prettiest pop I've ever heard too - but he has his own 4-year-old band profile - so stop creeping on this one, Owen)

Published August 20, 2014



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