The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: Jack White + Owen Pallet + Wolf Alice + Viet Cong + Hamilton Leithauser + LE1F + Crocodiles + more musical goodness - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: Jack White + Owen Pallet + Wolf Alice + Viet Cong + Hamilton Leithauser + LE1F + Crocodiles + more musical goodness

January 29, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Hi! Welcome to our important music blob! Let's do something a litttttle different this week and talk about the good shows happening in the very immediate future.

Please note: I write this dynamic feature during the greatest snowstorm NYC has seen..... since 5 years ago. So maybe some of these shows will end up being cancelled. But it's cool. I'll just fix it in post.

Terrific! Off we go!

Welcome to Costco I luv u.

Thursday - January 29th, 2015 A.D.

London’s Wolf Alice came over to play some dreamy, radio-ready fuzz pop for you at Baby’s All Right (and tomorrow at Mercury Lounge). Think Elastica meets Mazzy Star meets Garbage meets _______. I wrote some really kind words about them which you should really consider reading. It’s my Moby-Dick.

Owen Pallett plays Music Hall of Williamsburg with Foxes in Fiction. That’s some good lush pop right there, my brother. If I can get access to Owen after the gig I’m going to pitch him my idea for a new reality show where he + Andrew Bird + Kishi Bashi move into a house together, try to get along, but due to their competitive nature, often resort to violins.

London’s Porcelain Raft play Cameo. Think pretty pop songs like this.

Other notable shows = Viet Cong at Mercury Lounge + Andy Butler from Hercules and Love Affair at Verboten + DJ Biz Markie at Brooklyn Bowl


Friday - January 30th, 2015 A.D.

Jack White plays Madison Square Garden. I’m not familiar with either this man or this venue but apparently it’s one of the most popular upcoming shows on the entire blob so I’m going to defer to you guys on this one and trust you know what you’re doing when you're saving this show with such abandon.

Ovlov(click) + Grass is Green (click) + Two Inch Astronaut (clack) play Silent Barn. That’s three good bands for one low price of eight bones. If you like the grunge rock you can almost sorta sing along to then this is the show for you. P.S. Ovlov is Volvo backwards. You heard it here FOURTH.

Super solid rockster popsters Beverly play the new Bushwick venue Alphaville. Forever young. I want to be forever young. Do you really want to live forever and ever? Forever young. I want to be forever young. Do you really want to live forever? Forever young.

Hamilton Leithauser (of course, he is/was a Walk Man) plays Bowery Ballroom tonight. And I bet you a steak dinner The Walkmen get back together sometime before 2016. If I’m wrong, the worst thing about the meal at Sizzler is gonna be that bill tho.

Other notable shows = John Oliver at Beacon Theater (twice) + Wolf Alice at Mercury Lounge + Flagland and Unstoppable Death Machines at Palisades + Lost Boy? at Aviv


Saturday - January 31st, 2015 A.D.

LE1F + Sick Feeling + Dark Blue lead a really good lineup at Aviv. I like all those guys. How am I supposed to post a song from just one of them? I won’t. I’m rollin big and posting streams for all three. Damn, son.

Hudson, NY’s Palm opens the action at Palisades so if you go, get there early, because this band plays super tight math punk that slip, slides, bends, and always surprises, girl.

Baby Dayliner plays Mercury Lounge and I’ve loved this smooth dude’s chill pop for YEARS. Years, I tell you. Years. Like twelve. Twelve years at least. He lies low so if you don’t know him, now’s your chance to get acquainted. Remember: it’s never too late to get into somebody good.

Crocodiles + Lazyeyes + The Teen Age lead something crunchy pop solid at Brooklyn Night Bazaar. It’s free, of course. But the trinkets and tacos are gonna cost you. If you haven’t been to this venue before you should check it out. It’s a 100% pleasant space to see a show.

Other notable shows = Savages at Saint Vitus + Sunflower Bean at Baby’s All Right + Lotus at Terminal 5 + B-52s at The Capitol Theatre


Sunday - February 1st, 2015 A.D.

Nothing going on, man. It’s The Super Bro Sunday!

Other notable shows besides Footie Brawl = Hulu Plus + Amazon Prime + Netflix


Thank you for reading this feature again this week. I luv u. Go Bears.


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