((Lazyeyes)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Brooklyn’s Lazyeyes are a band of three (Jason + Paul + Jeremy) making swirling indiepop that often prefers to rock. It soars. It twinkles. It gazes. But be careful of those fuzzy riffs. They’ll jerk you out of your dream state and straight into the splendor of everyday reality, man. But it's cool. This band can swirl my shoes anytime.

Lazyeyes (aka The Amblyopias) have been around since circa 2012 (couldn’t tell you one thing that happened that year) and have played a bunch of shows with other bands we like such as Oberhofer + Roomrunner + Nothing + well I can’t name all the good bands Lazyeyes have played with, that would be like impossible and anyway I have like 327 new shows to list on the site and they were due 5 minutes ago yesterday.

However, I am writing this profile at a most wonderful time. As of this very day that I stand here at my stand-up desk in my underpants writing these very kind words, Lazyeyes released a five song album to the world. This very day, man! It’s called “New Year” (side note: it’s January 6th - can we please stop wishing everybody Happy New Year already?) and here’s what you need to know about it. It’s 1.) good and 2.) you can stream the thing below and 3.) if you press play it might make all your half-dreams come true.

Please note: everything in this profile except the recommendation will be outdated in 13 hours. The best things are fleeting. Consider the cherry blossoms. Dust in the wind, dudes.

Published January 6, 2015



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