((Crocodiles)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Like Interpol and Joy Division, San Diego's Crocodiles are going to be repeatedly linked to another U.K. band formed a few decades ago, and they won't be able to shake it until they put out at least a couple of their own solid records. This new duo does the whole swirling, feedback, layered guitar noise thing.

I know you know that thing I'm talking about because you've read about in your music history books. You've flipped through Chapter 13 called Shoegaze: 1989-1992 (as found on pages 465-482) and read all about some blasphemous band called Jesus & Mary Chain. You then skimmed over My Bloody Valentine and Ride and suddenly discovered you were reading about Sonic Youth which is really just a whole different musical thing entirely.

The point being, you studied up on that chapter enough to know that Crocodiles didn't come up with this whole boisterous, brooding guitar sound full of echoes and ecstasy on their own. But you know what? Who really cares? The Beatles didn't invent rock 'n roll and neither did Elvis. We all beg, borrow and steal. No one ever invented anything except Thomas Edison and Colonel Sanders.

Published April 16, 2009



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