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Written by Patrick McNamara

Potty Mouth are four young women from Northampton, MA. They make super catchy ‘90s inspired guitar distorted ALT ROCK...with a teeny tiny bit of indiepop in some of these melodic jangles too...but it’s so teeny tiny I can’t justifiably ALL CAPS it....and you should use ALL CAPS EXTREMELY SPARINGLY, YOU KNOW?

Hey. Fun interruption. Before you finish reading this wonderfully dynamic blob content, go ahead and stream that “The Spins” song down there. It’ll make the rest of the profile experience a better one for you. It’s OK. I’ll wait.

Did you stream it? Great! And that’s a really good Potty Mouth song, right? Right!

I tell ya, I love how all these good up-and-coming new bands are doing this good old post-grunge-y ALT ROCK thing - like (their neighbors) Speedy Ortiz + Two Inch Astronaut + Swearin’ + Fat History Month + Ovlov to name but a solid few of the recents (careful readers will see i’m shouting out the same old new bands yet again this week - so here’s hoping you’re careless - and whatever, I like all those bands - and I can’t get enough of this sound - so what’s a dude to do?).

Potty Mouth play out a lot. Perhaps that’s why they sound so together and tight. One must not come to that conclusion so easily, though. I have to put in many, MANY more hours of intensive research to see if there’s any connection and/or pattern at all between practice, repetition, and quality of output.

Some of these recent shows have seen Potty Mouth share the stage (not at the same time - this isn’t a Justin Vernon and his 100 friends situation - or “We Are The World” here - ask your older cousin about that second reference, Potty Mouth - sigh) with good bands like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart + Waxahatchee + Bleeding Rainbow + Bleached. You may click those links for more of my thoughts on those bands (some are seriously outdated though - but i’m not going to rewrite them to reflect their current sound - there are no rear view mirrors here at Oh My Rockness, my sisters and my brothers).

Potty Mouth’s debut full-length is coming out in September on Old Flame Records. I bet it’s full of more ‘90s inspired guitar ALT ROCK goodness too. I bet you a steak dinner on that, Jackée.

I tell ya, dear Rockness reader. Since this is the sound that got me interested in this whole thing in the first place, it’s hard for me to say no, it’s hard for me to say no, to this.

(If you streamed when I told you to stream - you’d get it.)

Published July 23, 2013



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