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Brooklyn's Life Size Maps are a weird band whose sound goes all over the place. This is not meant to be disparaging. After all, this profile is for a section on the site called "Band We LIKE." No, Life Size Maps are eccentric and befuddling and meandering in the very best way.

Using an array of traditional and non-traditional instruments (a car's metal suspension coil... a Steinway with screws in its strings... or weirdest of all, a cello), this trio manages to create epic and euphoric noise rock that sounds like no other epic, euphoric band that has come before them. And since the history of music spans a few million years (hieroglyphics were simply Cavemen scratching rhythms on the walls, don’t you know), I’d say this is pretty darn impressive.

But if you had to do the band comparison thing, I'd say maybe No Age meets Melt-Banana meets... man, I don't even know. It's hard to describe Life Size Maps. But luckily, they're really easy to like. Go see them play and you'll see for yourself what I mean.

Speaking of shows, Life Size Maps have most recently played with other Rockness favorites like DIVE + The Babies + Alex Bleeker and The Freaks. But that's just most recently. These three play out a lot. And they're getting good because of it... really good.

Published February 16, 2012



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