The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Kim Gordon + Bob Dylan + James Blake + tUnE-yArDs + Angel Olsen + The Feelies + Beverly + TEEN + lots more goodness - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Kim Gordon + Bob Dylan + James Blake + tUnE-yArDs + Angel Olsen + The Feelies + Beverly + TEEN + lots more goodness

November 26, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

It is December now. You heard it here FIRST.

Let’s compliment the good shows this week for being so good and talk about them some.

And then let’s get through the season, manage our fears during the long winter ahead, and anxiously wait for the light to come back.


Monday - December 1st, 2014 A.D.

Bob Dylan continues his run at Beacon Theater. I wonder when the last time that guy actually ran. Do you think he travels with exercise equipment? I bet he's an elliptical machine guy more than a treadmill guy. But I’m basing that on absolutely nothing except the sureness that my oblivious hunches are always right. Maybe he does that bike you can pedal while lying down. We might never know. The following is a good Bob Dylan song not sung by Bob Dylan.

James Blake plays Music Hall of Williamsburg. JAMES, YOU PLAY NYC ALL THE TIME. JUST MOVE HERE, MAN.

Yung Lean plays Webster Hall and on my very worst days I sometimes think I don’t care what a teenage Swedish rapper has to say about life on the Scandinavian streets...........................but I do today.

Other notable shows = Wyatt Cenac at Littlefield + Langhorne Slim at City Winery


Tuesday - December 2nd, 2014 A.D.

Blonde Redhead play Music Hall of Williamsburg. This NYC band has been good forever and by forever I mean circa 1993 which was like even before TWITTER, mannnnn. Also, remember McCarren Park Pool Parties? Time flies as the days run away like wild horses over the hills.

Say Anything + Saves the Day + Reggie & The Full Effect play Irving Plaza (and tomorrow too). POP PUNK ISN’T A DIRTY WORD ANYMORE YOU GUYS. But the overuse of the caps lock key is. My bag, guys. MY BAG.

Paris's Sebastien Tellier plays Bowery Ballroom. Please enjoy this hard-hitting thinkpiece I wrote on this synth-sex gentleman just a shade over six years ago. My primary source was his MySpace profile. BWAHAHAHAAHA. Oops. My bag again, guys. My bag. (where I'm from they say "my bag" instead of "my bad.")

Other notable shows = Bob Dylan at Beacon Theater + Langhorne Slim at City Winery + The Head and The Heart at Hammerstein + Jeffrey Lewis at Shea Stadium + Skinny Puppy at Best Buy Theater (I never got that sound)


Wednesday - December 3rd, 2014 A.D.

The Pizza Underground play Bowery Ballroom. And you all realize that Macaulay Culkin and his crew are just fucking around, right? I read a bunch of comments on the World Wide Intrasphere that suggested otherwise so I was just making sure that wasn't you. They play songs about pizza.

What Moon Things play Shea Stadium and I totally just told you how much I like this ramshackle punk goodness. I don’t think anybody listened though :( It's cool. I'm used to it.

The annual December tradition continues. Yo La Tengo (born circa 1984 after little Mary Lou Retton's perfect 10 performance gave them the courage to start a band) play Town Hall tonight and tomorrow too. You’re going to like the way they play quietly. I guarantee it.

Kim Gordon plays Issue Project Room. She is cooler than me definitely and maybe even you probably.

Other notable shows = Elvis Depressedly at Asbury Lanes + Bob Dylan at Beacon Theater + Chrome Canyon at Glasslands + DJ James Blake at Output + New Build at Mercury Lounge


Thursday - December 4th, 2014 A.D.

Teen and Beverly play Glasslands. Those are two good bands right there. I love when two good bands play a show instead of one because moderation in all things doesn’t apply to music or to me.

New Build (members of Hot Chip) and Future Punx (members of Future Punx) play Rough Trade. New Build kind of sounds like Hot Chip. Future Punx kind of sound like Future Punx. And that is what makes time travel possible.

tUnE-yArDs pLaY mUsIc hAlL oF wIlLiAmSbUrG (aNd tOmOrRoW aNd sAtUrDaY aNd sUnDaY tOo - wHeW). tUnE-yArDs iS a vErY pOlArIzInG bAnD. i wOnDeR wHy sOmEtImEs bUt iT’s nOt rEaLlY mY pLaCe tO sPeCuLaTe aBoUt sUcH tHiNgS.

Other notable shows = Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings at Apollo Theater + The 1975 at Terminal 5 + Yo La Tengo at Town Hall


Friday - December 5th, 2014 A.D.

Funny/sad South Carolina sacks Elvis Depressedly play Shea Stadium (with Bellows - they're alright too). As far as band names go, Elvis Depressedly is right up there with ScotDrakula. As an added bonus, Elvis Depressedly songs also happened to be good.... in a funny/sad sort of way. Read this and I’m confident you’ll hear this band's funny/sad goodness 2 because I believe in U.

The Feelies (born circa 1976 after “Rocky” gave them the courage to start a band) bring that sweet eccentro-pop jingle-jangle to Asbury Lanes. Have you ever seen the movie this clip below is from? It’s pretty good. I’d give it a solid B. "Something Wild" is not going to change your life. But you’re not going to feel sad that you watched it. I'm gonna go ahead and give it 17 stars out of 22.

Potty Mouth play a free show at Barnard College presented by WBAR. But hang on, Slick. Before you go please note that everyone is encourage to dress goth at this one. Oh, college. You're so cute. Never change.

Classical composer craftmaster Philip Glass plays BAM (and tomorrow too). He makes music that’s going to be remembered forever due in no small part to all the good press I’ve given him right here on this music blob (I work from home in my office that’s also my bedroom).

Other notable shows = Lemonade and DJ Cut Copy at Glasslands for FIXED + Single Mothers at Baby’s All Right + Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings at Apollo Theater + The Blow and Zambri at Glasslands + Psychic Twin at Palisades + Richard Buckner at Union Hall + The 1975 at Terminal 5


Saturday - December 6th, 2014 A.D.

Brooklyn Rock Lottery is at Baby’s All Right. Ever been to one of these things before? A bunch of people from bands you’ve probably heard of get together with other members of bands you’ve probably heard of to quickly create a new band that you will hear of once and then will be gone forever. POOF. All we are is dust in the winds, dudes. Might as well be excellent to each other while we still can.

ROCK LOTTERY from Gigantic Pictures on Vimeo.

Angel Olsen plays Roulette. She plays the prettiest music. End scene.

Bongripper play Saint Vitus. CHICAGO SLUDGE DOOM. Go. And go Bulls. Who saw the monster season Jimmy Butler’s been putting together for himself this year? Who even saw that?

And Michael McDonald plays The Capitol Theatre. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, yeah. We gonna yacht this rock UP. Please play this funky fucnky song loud and feel the S-E-X in every single note.

Other notable shows = tUnE-yArDs at Music Hall of Williamsburg + Chuck Ragan at Rough Trade + Life Size Maps at Glasslands + Cyndi Lauper at Beacon Theater + Philip Glass at BAM + Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings at Apollo Theater


Sunday - December 7th, 2014 A.D.

Composer Max Richter plays Bowery Ballroom tonight. Hopefully he flew to NYC from England a little early to also fit in seeing Philip Glass at BAM on this trip. I think they would really get each other.

And Cat Stevens was supposed to play Beacon Theater tonight and I totally would have gone but he cancelled because of scalpers or something and now this song is my only comfort.

Take dictation...

Other notable shows = Blues Control at WFMU + Neighbors at Glasslands + Over the Rhine at Highline Ballroom + Kendra Morris at Brooklyn Bowl (free)



You're still here? It's over. Go home. Go.


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