((New Build)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Super group alert! Super group alert! New Build features members of Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem (no, Murphy ain't one of 'em... he's too busy checking the charts or something). Now does it really matter what's contained in the rest of this band profile? You're going to want to see New Build because members of Hot Chip and LCD Sounsystem are in this band.

Of course you will. What kind of monster doesn't like Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem? They're both, like, the least offensive bands of all time... well, Hot Chip is anyway. LCD had some "I'm really alt" issues, but every one of their songs made you dance so... pluses and minuses, bros... pluses and minuses. So what does New Build sound like? Do you really want to know? As we just discussed, you're going to go see them play anyway. (FYI: they sound exactly like you think they're going to sound). So I guess that's about it.

Hmm. We seem to have a few more lines to kill before we can totally put this profile to bed. So... has anyone been to any good new pizza spots lately? I'm sure you have. After all, everybody loves pizza. It's like the least offensive food of all time. So everyone be sure to chime in.

Published January 11, 2012



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