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Sebastien Tellier is a synth-y guy from Paris that wants you to electro your nasty body down with him. On his MySpace profile he simply states "Sexuality." If I ever were to get off my slug butt and start a band, I will simply state on my MySpace (is that redundant?) "SeXXX Your Reality." That's way hotter.

As suggested by Tellier's simple statement (ok, it's also the name of his latest album, which American Apparel happened to have the exclusive on for awhile... of COURSE they did), his machine-made music is meant for displays of sizzling passion in front of the fireplace. "Let's turn it up and take off all our clothes. Only the crackling logs, this bear rug, and these hot beats, will know where our secret moles are hidden, baby."

You may have heard Tellier's song "Fantino" in the movie "Lost in Translation." But perhaps you missed it because you were in the middle of a heated debate about whether the photographer was or wasn't in television's crowning sit-com achievement, "My Two Dads."

Anyway, you know what Sebastien Tellier's music really reminds me of? It reminds me of American Apparel. The only difference is that this music is not made by young girls in colorful underwear. It's made by some shaggy French dude who sensibly wears many layers of outerwear.
Published November 17, 2008



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