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The Best Concerts in NYC This Weekend: The Strokes + Failure + The Menzingers + LE1F + free summer shows + more goodness!

May 29, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

May the last week before June be with you.

It’s great to imagine your smiling face for yet another week.

Let’s talk about some good upcoming shows. Again.

And then for the love of god let’s talk about something else.

Thursday - May 29th, 2014 A.D.

The grand MC also known as LE1F plays Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight. He’s got the flow that makes the whole world swing. Damn, son. Boom. Sup. Wut. He’s good.

Germans play Hotel Chantelle (that’s on Ludlow). Have you heard this song “Cruel” yet? If not, you better listen to it right now. And then definitely file it under #jam when you finally decide to get yourself organizized. (no. sic YOU.)

Speaking of #jam. Dance master Fred Falke plays Verboten tonight. I haven’t posted this Ricki-Lee remix he did QUITE as much as I’ve posted Delicate Steve’s “Butterfly” on this thing. But it’s getting up there. It's not #recycled #web #content. It's just a #big #time #JAM.

Other notable shows (let’s get hectic) = Baked at Death by Audio + Slothrust at Glasslands + Failure at Irving Plaza + DJ Questlove at Brooklyn Bowl + Gross Relations at Muchmore’s + Cassie Ramone at Palisades + maybe you should just click that link down there that says “SEE ALL OF OUR THURSDAY SHOW PICKS” because that would probably be easier and if we get another page view because of it so be it, dear Rockness reader….so be it.


Friday - May 30th, 2014 A.D.

RIP Michael Jackson. In 25 more days he will have been dead 5 years.

Let’s start tonight with some happiness by beginning with the rock solid pop to the punk. The Menzingers + PUP + Cayetana + Lemuria play Webster Hall tonight. And if this completely catchy lineup doesn’t make you feel right and fine and give you the overwhelming urge to sing right along (go ahead! you can!), well, I guess you’re just not into the rock solid pop to the punk. That’s fine. I don’t understand it. But it’s totally fine. It’s your journey, man. Not mine.

Tonight at The Bell House some peeps you’ve heard of formed a band you didn’t know existed. Bambi Kino (members of Nada Surf + Cat Power + Guided by Voices) headlines. Charles Bissel and Kevin Whelan of The Wrens (who have a new album out soon and it only took 9 years) team up to play some stuff too. Oh yeah. And Palomar is playing. I thought they broke up. Maybe they did and recently reunited. Remind me to look into this matter further and do some heavy duty research before publishing this thing. One can’t simply speculate on a music blob, after all.

(what's The New Yorker? is that a new alt blob? is that Mr. Peanut before he became a legume?)

We already told you cold Danish punks Lower (not Iceage) were playing Home Sweet Home this week. But we underplayed it. We put it in the “other notable shows” section. You may have missed it. Because who reads that? So let’s give Lower’s second and final NYC show at The Acheron tonight the digital space it goddamn deserves.

Rush Midnight and Nightbox play Rough Trade tonight. Remember a few weeks ago when I posted the following Nightbox song and said it was my go-to shower singalong song? Well, I have since moved on. But I just listened to it again. And I have a feeling I’m going to be coming back to it when my conditioner is doing its magic REAL soon.

And Spank Rock brings his mad lyrical business to Verboten tonight. Oh yeah. I remember that dude. The YoYoYoYoYo man. He’s from Baltimore. But I always forget and think he’s from Canada. I don’t know why.

Other notable shows = Sage Francis at (le) poisson rouge + Hector’s Pets at Baby’s All Right + Forgetters at Death by Audio + Yann Tiersen at Highline Ballroom + Midnight Magic at Cameo Gallery


Saturday - May 31st, 2014 A.D.

The Strokes play The Capitol Theatre tonight. They rock a sound that’s kind of like a cross between The Strokes and The Strokes. With a little bit of The Strokes thrown in for good measure. And let me tell you something. This band is really gonna go places. I’m even thinking about buying one of their t-shirts.

Yellow Ostrich leads another good lineup at Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Like always, the shows here are FREE. Like always, I always have to mention that and ALL CAPS the word FREE. The 13 regular readers of this thing are certainly sick of these same tricks by now. I am too, dear 13. I am too.

Vulture Shit and Flagland play The Gutter tonight. Good. That’s exactly where these good dirty Brooklyn punks belong. Let’s get blown-out and sing along to good dirty punk sing along songs. It’ll be fun. Bet.

Fool’s Gold Records founder A-Trak plays Terminal 5 (with Cam’ron + Salva). I liked A-Track back when he was a one time Invisibl Skratch Pikl. No big deal. Don’t sweat my technique. Cut cut cut cut the music with so much class.

(A-Trak isn't even in this video. But whatever. Still posting it anyway. Because I'm #punk #rock.)

Comedian/actor/ former ’80s-nostalgia-pitchman Michael Ian Black does two shows at SubCulture tonight. I recently read his book “You’re Not Doing it Right.” And it was really good. Starting Oh My Bookness soon. So keep your eyes peeled. “AHHHHHHH! MY EYES! OH WHYYYYYYY MY EYES!”

(did you know we started Oh My Yuckness too?)

Other notable shows = Yann Tiersen at Highline Ballroom + Failure at The Stone Pony + Les Sans Culottes at Paper Box.


Sunday - June 1st, 2014 A.D.

If you happen to be in Montauk today for the first official unofficial weekend of summer, a.) there’s no need to rub it in and b.) you might want to go see Yeasayer play The Surf Lodge this evening at 5pm before having a cocktail or setting sail or whatever the hell it is you people do in Montauk.

For those of us stuck in the city this weekend the joke’s on Montauk. Because Trans-Pecos has an outdoor BBQ today and good bands like Beverly are playing (like Beverly because it is Beverly) today. Ha! Let Montauk have Montauk. We’re doing just fine over here in the world’s greatest city.

Bushwick Collective is having a block party today. It starts at 11 AM. Fletcher C. Johnson is playing it. So are some other bands. You should go see all of them.. Except for The Montauk Project. I’ve never heard them. But I know their kind.

NYC POPFEST continues tonight (it started last night but I forgot to mention it earlier - I could go back and correct this - but nah - I’m too #punk #rock for such shenanigans) and goes throughout the weekend. Once again, various venues and bands (including Gold-Bears) work together to bring you that sweet guitar jingle jangle. Click that link and come up with a plan. These pop shows are open to all. Except people in Montauk.

Other notable shows = Julie Klausner and Ted Leo yukking it up at The Bell House + Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders at Rough Trade (one of those “entry with purchase” jobs) + Teen Daze at Glasslands + can someone please invite me to Montauk?


Thanks for reading, you guys. I know you have a choice when you procrastinate. And I sincerely appreciate all 13 of you procrastinating with me. Have a very happy start to summer. Don't let it swallow you whole.

(I’m just excited to be allowed to wear my white pants again.)


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