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Written by Patrick McNamara

Philadelphia’s Cayetana is a new-ish trio (who even knows what’s considered “new” or “old” during these strange digital days, dear Rockness reader - who even KNOWS) of three ladies who make lo-fi pop punk folk emo. I’m serious. That’s exactly what they make. And no, I am NOT just throwing out genres to see what sticks. Don’t believe me? Fine. You can just skip the rest of these words if you wanna and stream their really good EP that I posted for you down there and listen for yourself. But you’ll be back. When you discover I’m right with that lo-fi pop emo folk punk description, I know you’ll be back. But it’s cool. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Great. Now that we’re all here again. I really like Cayetana. Their decidedly DIY-sounding guitars (that’s the lo-fi part) often go that delightful jingle-jangle route (that’s the pop), but every now and then some straight power chords will crush on through to give you a good-hearted rush (that’s the punk). I also like singer/guitarist Augusta Koch’s voice. It’s kind of warble-y (that’s the folk part) and it makes me bet she’s seen some things. And when Augusta reaches way up there for some of those notes, I do believe she means it. And that, dear Rockness reader, is the emo.

As of this writing (11:37am in the Year of the Tucks Medicated Pad), Cayetana is touring with Waxahatchee and All Dogs. Hey! I wrote about both of those bands too! What symmetry! What construction! And you should go to one of those shows Cayetana plays. Because this is a good band, goddamn it. How many different ways do I need to tell you?

Just kidding. I’ll tell you every which way. Because you and I are True Blue.

Published November 12, 2013



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