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The Toronto-by-way-of-Wicklow, Ireland band Nightbox are five guys - a pair of brothers and some old classmates included. They have some completely catchy pop that they would like to share with you. That's mighty nice of these lads.

Mixing your traditional instruments (these are called guitars and and bass and drums, I believe) with other assorted melody gadgets and beat making widgets (these are called synths and drum machines, I think), Nightbox make euphoric rock that's dance-y and squiggly and did I mention this is also super poppy? I believe I did.

Start with this song “Burning.” Start it right now. Go ahead. We'll wait. Pressed play? Cool. Now tell me that's not a big time pop jam. I know, right? It kind of has a Phoenix vibe, right? Right. Gee, you're so agreeable today.

Nightbox's debut full-length album (they released an EP for Last Gang in 2011 and no you didn't miss it because it's never too late to get into anything... it's... never... too... late) is coming out soon. It was produced by Al-P of MSTRKRFT and Seb Grainger of Death From Above 1979. I just thought you should know.

These guys should consider touring with another new up-and-coming epic pop band, The Night Terrors of 1927. And maybe CHVRCHES too? Because that would be a really good show. And I should mind my own business. But I saved Latin. So I'm not sweating it either. Sic Transit Gloria. Glory Fades.

Bet you $5 you'll be singing "Use me up! Use me up!" in your head the rest of the day - but I'm only betting if you did what I told you to do and pressed play. If you didn't, you've just lost a whole lot more than temporary money.

Published March 13, 2013



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