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Written by Patrick McNamara

Germans is the superbly catchy synth pop project of Julia Kwamya (live, she’s got a band). The music is described on their Soundcloud page as being, “pop breakup songs: feel good about feeling bad.”

I don’t think I can describe this listening experience any better than that. But I’m going to try. Goddamn it, I’ll try! Because I’m a professional. And this is exactly why they pay me the big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Richie Rich* don’t got a thing on me, son! I write for a muzik blob, baby!

If I had to describe Germans’ sound (and I do, dear Rockness reader, oh do i do - they won’t pull me up from this ledge if I don’t) I would say these songs are like...hmmm….like...ok, it’s like this...you know how when you get totally dumped, right?….someone you liked ended up deciding they actually didn’t like your face or the essence of your being after all...and this made you want to go shrivel up and die, yeah?….but instead you did the wiser thing and just went home, got under the covers, and cranked your speakers in hopes of finding something that would make yourself feel..a little... better...about feeling so….terrible? Well that music is out there, man. And that music is Germans.

Boom! That was SUCH a better description. And totally more concise too!

By the way, Germans collaborated with Kurt Feldman of The Ice Choir to come up with these smooth sounds. Germans recently played a show with The Ice Choir too! And that, friend, is super confidential and exclusive intel that you can take all the way to the BANK.

Let us now lay down our dynamic blob words. Just listen to “Cruel.” If you don’t like this song, you’re a monster. And ooooh, I’m sooooo scared. If you do like this song, I totally told you!That’s why they pay me and Richie* the big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, baby!

(*Much apologies for the Richie Rich references...I’ve still got Macaulay Culkin on the brain, you see...it’s his damn pizza band….curse you, pizza band….CURSE YOU!)

Published February 18, 2014



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