The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Cloud Nothings + Speedy Ortiz + Bonnie Prince Billy + Elvis Perkins + Ex-Hex + Mitski + Into It. Over It. + Chumped + Amanda X + Delicate Steve + The Juan Maclean + lots more goodness - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Cloud Nothings + Speedy Ortiz + Bonnie Prince Billy + Elvis Perkins + Ex-Hex + Mitski + Into It. Over It. + Chumped + Amanda X + Delicate Steve + The Juan Maclean + lots more goodness

April 17, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Let's talk about the best shows this week.

I'm basically just reiterating what the title of this feature already says.

This has been a good intro.

I luv U.

Monday - April 20th, 2015 A.D.

In honor of 4/20 (the highest and holiest of days), Brooklyn lo-fi punks Baked play Shea Stadium. Actually, I don't know if this date was by the band's design or if it's mere coincidence, all I know is that we're all on this round rock that's spinning in outer SPACE, mannn, and how crazy is it that we're not falling off it? Happy 4/20. Mahalo, bro.

Speaking of Mars (wasn't I?), seemingly forever-strong singer/songwriter Elvis Perkins plays songs from his trippy new album “I Aubade" at Rough Trade tonight and it's kind of the perfect thing to listen to on this highest and holiest of days.

Or maybe on 4/20 you just want to laugh and laugh and laugh because life is all a game and the whole human show will be over in a million years anyway. If that's the case, consider seeing Wyatt Cenac at his regular Monday night “Night Train" gig at Littlefield because we're all bit players in the Cosmos and that shit's hysterical.


Other notable shows = we're all just spinning, you know?


Tuesday - April 21st, 2015 A.D.

I don't believe eccentro-popster Danieson (Sufjan's sometime musical/spiritual mentor according to this documentary on Brother D that was pretty good) has played these parts in a while, but he always puts the pomp in the circumstance whenever he does. I'm pretty sure he doesn't perform inside a giant fake tree anymore, though. Oh well. See him tonight at The Studio at Webster Hall.

Quarterbacks play Shea Stadium. I totally profiled this solid lo-fi twee pop band straight outta New Paltz a few months ago because I like them and that's why we call that section on the blob “Bands We Like." This one is listed as a solo show, though, so it's probably just singer/songwriter Dean Engle all alone up there. Without any receivers it's going to be real hard to be a Quarterback but goddamn this guy is gonna try.

Brooklyn's Doubting Thomas Cruise Control play Knitting Factory (opening for Adult Mom). I recently profiled them too and no it wasn't just because they have one of the greatest band names in history it was also because they make good jingle-jangle slacker punk. Also, fuck Tom Cruise.

Other notable shows = Bluffing at Baby's All Right + Love as Laughter at Union Pool


Wednesday - April 22nd, 2015 A.D.

SOLID ONE. Cloud Nothings (yes) and Amanda X (for sure) both play Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight and this one is certainly worth paying good money for. But more good news, you don't have to. This show is free w/ RSVP. However, the good news never lasts forever and I'm sorry to inform you that the RSVP list is now closed. Oh My Rockness is like a roller coaster ride where you're not totally sure if you're having a good time.

D.C. punk trio Ex Hex (led by the nearly legendary* Mary Timony) play WFMU's Monty Hall tonight (and tomorrow at (le) poisson rouge and I just put parentheses inside parentheses #bigtime). The band describes their music best as “what your older brother's friends listed to - it's what your babysitters listened to" but I seem to remember my babysitter listening to Wham!

(*my mom doesn't know who Mary Timony is, that's the only reason for the "nearly" before "legendary")

Or, perhaps you're looking for a more chill time and you'd rather recline (while standing) at the Port St. Willow show at Baby's All Right. File Under: Warm Vibes. And btw, don't ever sit down at a show if there are no seats yeah your legs are tired and the band is boring I don't care just don't do it.

Other notable shows = Phone Home at Palisades + Cloud Becomes Your Hand at Union Pool


Thursday - April 23rd, 2015 A.D.

Delicate Steve play Brooklyn Bowl and why does this show come highly recommended this week? IT'S A BUTTERFLY THING YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND... UNLESS YOU DO, MANNNNN.

Dystopian synth punks Eaters (click their name for my fun blob facts) and loud ass band Yvette and sound shredder Dan Friel (Parts & Labor foreva) destroy the noise at Baby's All Right tonight. Bring earplugs and you just may be able to hear the sweet sounds of your crying grandchildren someday.

Long-running DFA dance band The Juan Maclean play Union Pool (and Friday and Saturday too). If you missed them last week when they played all those shows at Cameo, good news, life is full of fifth and sixth chances.

Other notable shows = Manic Street Preachers at Webster Hall + Crying at Shea Stadium + Las Rosas at Rough Trade + Dead Stars at Pianos + Ex Hex at (le) poisson rouge + Lindstrom at Good Room + Bluffing at Aviv


Friday - April 24th, 2015 A.D.

If you like free shows and the punk rock, whatever you do, don't stop reading. Moss Icon + Guerilla Toss + Beech Creeps + Multicults + Voice Coils play a FREE SHOW tonight at Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Come for the punk. Stay for the hand-crafted tacos and artisanal jewelry.

New Jersey emo popsters Pinegrove play Palisades and the following song is a good song. My only problem with it is that it's far too short.

Hey, I need your opinion on something. Steve Winwood plays The Capitol Theatre tonight, right? Well then what I need to know from you right now is whether or not his song “Valerie" is a HAM or is it a JAM? I used to think it was a HAM and it always gave me the howling fantods whenever it would come on the radio, but I'm older these days and now I'm not quite sure it isn't, in fact, a JAM.

Other notable shows = The Juan Maclean at Union Pool + The Used at Warsaw + Yelawolf at Rough Trade + San Fermin at Music Hall of Williamsburg + Dinowalrus at Alphaville


Saturday - April 25th, 2015 A.D.

I love it when three really good bands play the same show but I'm weird. Speedy Ortiz + Mitski + Krill play Bowery Ballroom tonight and if each of those bands ran for President I'd totally vote for all of them. I don't know how I'd do it but maybe I'd buy the votes of a couple dead guys just like old time Chicago Mayor, Richard J. Daley, did. Ohhhh. Sick Mayor Daley burn this week, Rockness. Burnnnnn. SO SICK.

If you don't want to see three good bands at Bowery that's totally fine. It's your journey, man. Not mine. Perhaps you might be more comfortable not paying any money to see Chicago indie power popsters punks Into It. Over It. headline Brooklyn Night Bazaar alongside some other instantly delightful power popster punks. I just hope to God Into It. Over It. don't bring the long dead mayor of their town -- in office from 1955-1976 and a key reason why the 1968 Democratic National Convention ended in a goddamn riot -- along for the ride. F U MAYOR.

Damn, the punk hits keep coming this week. Palm (click that) + Washer (that too) + The Gradients (profile coming sooooon) + Flagland (click them too) play Palisades tonight. If you're looking to see some good up-and-coming loud rippers in a small space this is the one you'll wanna be at, man.

(*and if you stay until that show is over, another good one will begin because Providence electronic noise maker Container destroys Palisades with a special kind of loud later and I'm not quite sure why I'm keeping this info on the down low like this)

Other notable shows = The Juan Maclean at Union Pool (again) + The Used at Webster Hall + The Waterboys at Irving Plaza + Museum of Love at Good Room


Sunday - April 26th, 2015 A.D.

Indie folk master and man of a thousand names Will Oldham (aka Bonnie Prince Billy aka Palace aka actually can we not run through all of this right now?) plays The Studio at Webster Hall tonight with a band called Bonnie Stillwater. It's a free record release “event" thing (not a “real" show) but he will play a few songs live so I don't know it might be worth it to stop by. I mentioned it was free, right?

Solid punkster popsters Wild Yaks play their first show in something like seven months at Baby's All Right and so this one is worth considering seeing as how this band is really good live. The videos don't do them justice. Please enjoy this video.

If you feel like experiencing the comfort of New Jersey, Asbury Lanes has a good one tonight led by the pop punk goodness of Chumped. Have you listened to their excellent full-length yet? If not, don't let the fact that it came out last year (what was 2014 even LIKE, mannnn?) deter you from streaming it right now. The only Golden Rule I ever remember to try and live by is “It's Never Too Late to Get Into Something Good."

Also, They Might Be Giants play Music Hall of Williamsburg and whatever happened to the guy who played the dad in Malcolm in the Middle.

Other notable shows = Big Terrific! at Warsaw + White Prism at Ace Hotel (free) + The Wombats at Rough Trade


Thanks a lot you guys have been silent but I hope you have been kind of chuckling on the inside. Let's do it again next week. I already have it in my calendar. This is a rather unnecessary step seeing as how I don't have shit else to do and this weekly web article is what I live for.

I luv U.


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