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Written by Patrick McNamara

Bent Shapes are two dudes (names: Andy + Ben) and a lady (name: Supriya) from Boston (state: unknown) who play super solid jingle-jangle indiepop. Now, if you’ve been playing this game of Rockness with me for any length of time, you might have sensed that I do love me some solid jingle to the jangle, whoo-wee! I have never been shy of this, never hid. If it jingles, I’m not interested. If it jangles, I just don’t care. But when it both jingles AND jangles, your music will forever have the pull of my soul and the hug of my heart. Or at the very least, I’ll write about your band.

Normally, indiepop is a fun little exercise in two-to-three minutes of toe tapping. But Bent Shapes’ highly enjoyable bounce makes you want to do something a little more... extreme, like, say, jiggle your knee. Because this musical situation we’re discussing here also comes with some power. This isn’t one of those indiepop bands that sound too too precious... and probably practice in a treehouse.... and then take breaks to maybe blow pinwheels (although that kind of sounds awesome, now that I think about it - it also kinda sounds more like twee - but that’s a conversation for another time, another place - how’s next Thursday at the midnight kickball match in the parking lot of the Rite-Aid?).

Bent Shapes are really like powerindiepop (oh, yeah? well it’s a genre now!). This is not the kind of indiepop that’s like a fragile origami peonie... or a delicate paper cone cup... that my gym thinks is enough to hold all the water you’ll want to drink... after you’ve been sweating profusely for an hour. But it’s also not the kind of power pop whose guitar solos makes you want to exclaim “MORE THAN A FEELING WHEN I HEAR THAT OLD SONG THEY USED TO PLAY!” to passing cars on the expressway (that was some other band from Boston but i can’t remember their name). Just think somewhere in-between. That’s all I’m saying. Just think in-between.

Bent Shapes have recently played shows with Eternal Summers + The Love Language + Two Inch Astronaut. I like all those bands. Which is why I just mentioned it.

I like Bent Shapes powerindiepop too. It jingles. It jangles. It jiggles. It makes me say stuff like “whoo-whee!”

Published July 31, 2013



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