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Photo by Nick Giberti

Written by Patrick McNamara

NYC's Spit (not to be confused with The Spits or Kind of Like Spitting or HoSPITality) play laid-back DIY punk rock. Think bendy guitars meets angst meets slight sludge meets singalong micro-anthems* meets good shit. Recommended for slack motherfuckers and people who like music that sounds good. Bad music more your thing? Please stop reading.

The band = John Romano + Joe Romano + Gianfranco Nuschese. Cool. Now that their names are out of the way may I continue with this really great profile? THANK YOU. Think of Spit as a devilish cross between ______ and ______ and ______. Sorry for the lazy band comparisons but sometimes they're necessary.

It was a beautiful 63 degree day on October 4, 2015 A.D.** when Spit self-released their second record, the eleven song album “Dead Broke For Life." And since I'm such a cool guy I was able to source the embed code and copy/paste it directly below these really great words so you may listen to it right now, man. It's no problem. I was happy to do it. You'll get me back someday.

(BTW, this is Spit's first self-released record which you may love in your own time.)

In summation, if you like the laid-back DIY punk rock you should definitely give Spit a spin.

* I don't know what a micro-anthem is I thought you did.

** Did I look up the actual weather for October 4, 2015 A.D. in order to make this really great band profile for my music blob - you bet!)

Published February 23, 2016



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