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Written by Patrick McNamara

Diet Cig is a "slop pop" duo (did I take "slop pop" straight from their Bandcamp page? - you bet I did) from New Paltz, NY (1 hour and 47 minutes from NYC in current traffic) that play catchy fuzzy lo-fi jingle jangle ennui soaked pop goodness. Want to get in a positive mood that'll make you wanna have a slumber party or run across the quad in your underpants or pretend it's 1994? Then have yourself a healthy hit of Diet Cig.

The band is comprised of singer/shredder Alex Luciano and drummer Noah Bowman. They recently released their debut EP “Over Easy" on Father / Daughter Records (home to: Happy Diving + Rivergazer + Cocktails + Flagland + Bent Shapes + more good bands I've written Oh My Rockness profiles for over the years, probably) and because I'm such a sweet guy I just sourced the entire thing from the wilds of the WW Intrasphere and copy/pasted its embed code for you so that you may stream it directly below these dynamic digital words. Awww.

Diet Cig has played out a bunch in 2015 in support of that fine EP I referenced just one paragraph previously They've recently played shows with the following solid bands: Perfect Pussy + Big Ups + Beverly + Heathers + Gingerlys + Mercury Girls. There're more good bands they've played with this year that I'm failing to mention but I have a strict self-imposed character limit on these things and you only have so much digital procrastination time at your disposal throughout your surely hectic day so you're welcome for cutting it off at six.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the stream. Life's a dream.

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RIYL: Diet Cig

Published June 23, 2015



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