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Written by Patrick McNamara

Cocktails are a good garage jingle jangle power pop band from San Francisco. And 5 people are responsible for making this sunny muscular goodness. I would now like to give these 5 a shout-out. Pat sings and plays guitar! Lauren sings and plays guitar and hits the keys! Rion sings and plays bass! Phil just drums! Joel just guitars! Sorry for shouting. I’m just into it, is all.

Cocktails is the perfect band to blast when cruising around in your beat-up old reliable K-car - the top dropped low - the wind in your face - the cooler icing at your feet - your head vibing on the whoosh of the passing clouds and trees as your trusty two-door threads through the breeze that bends the roadside flowers in full bloom. The music makes you want to dig on the beauty that’s always been there, see? Open your ears. Relax your mind. The eyes will follow.

Cocktails just recorded their full-length debut, “Adult Life,” at a studio called Fuzz City. I don’t know much. But I know that any record that comes out of a place called Fuzz City has gotta be good. Because the studio is run by one. His name is Rob Good and he’s also in Warm Soda. That’s another good band right there.

The album is out June 17th, 2014 A.D. on Father / Daughter Records. That label has released stuff for Happy Diving + Flagland + Bent Shapes + Pure Bathing Culture + other bands I haven’t written original profiles for yet - but I will someday - so help me god - someday.

Here is a song called “Tough Love” that I've conveniently posted for you below. It took a whole lot of effort for me to embed that thing. I had to copy AND paste. So be sure to listen. And after you do, let me ask you. Does it make you see the beauty?

(please note. song doesn’t work as well if you’re listening on headphones via the computer in your open air alt stockyard of an office - you gotta be on the road, baby - the wind whipping that flower in your hair.)

(amended note: ok it still works if you’re listening while staring at some dumb screen - it’s just not the way the creators intended - probably - i don’t personally know Pat! Lauren! Rion! Phil! or Joel!)

Published April 22, 2014



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