((Rivergazer)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Rivergazer is Kevin Farrant. And Kevin Farrant is Rivergazer. Oh, he gets help from his friends, of course. Because friends make the world go ‘round. But mostly this is a one man show. And after listening to this New Yorker’s (via London) catchy and weary and brilliantly forlorn tales of living this life you’ll think, “I’m OK. You’re OK. And everyone else is chill.” Because this is some sweet ennui soaked singer songwriter smoothness right here. It just might blow the jasmine in your mind.

Fun fact to help you down a comparable sound path (before you blast the track below and come to your own conclusions). Did you know Kevin Farrant is a longtime pal and band mate of Porches’ Aaron Maine? Did you know Maine also drums in Frankie Cosmos? Did you know the universe is expanding? So Kevin better be careful stretching his arms out in space like that. Those pretty stars pretty will rip you apart, man.

Rivergazer has been kicking out life’s sad and strange and wonderful truth for a couple years. And now he is finally ready to release a debut full length album. It’s called “Random Nostalgia” and it’s out August 12th on Father/Daughter Records (home to: Cocktails + Bent Shapes + Flagland + Happy Diving + and those are only the bands I have written super dynamic profiles on for Whoa My Blobness). I realize telling you this information will immediately make this band profile outdated circa August 13th but I don’t care. I’m #punk #rock. And ennui soaked smoothness like Rivergazer lasts forever.

Published June 25, 2014



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