The Best Shows in NYC This Week: OMR Turns 10 Fest w/ Panda Bear and Blues Control PLUS Beach Fossils + Jeff Tweedy + Broken Bells + The Rentals + Torche + Man Man + Twin Peaks + LVL UP + more goodness - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Week: OMR Turns 10 Fest w/ Panda Bear and Blues Control PLUS Beach Fossils + Jeff Tweedy + Broken Bells + The Rentals + Torche + Man Man + Twin Peaks + LVL UP + more goodness

September 19, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

Who’s ready for the musical goodness? I am. I’m ready for the musical goodness. Here’s hoping you’re ready for goodness too. Otherwise, it’s going to be pretty lonely on the musical goodness train. I'd have to dance all by myself while gripping tight to that rail. That musical goodness train moves pretty fast.

These are The Best Shows This Week.

Let’s get digitized.

Monday - September 22nd, 2014 A.D.

Panda Bear plays Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight. But slow down. You’re moving a little too fast - even for the musical goodness train. Before you hop, skip, and jump to this one I just want you to know that Panda Bear is also playing tomorrow (Tuesday, September 23rd 2014 A.D.) at Irving Plaza for Night #3 of The Oh My Rockness Turns Ten Fest. I’m not saying you need to choose our party over this show. I’m just saying…. I’m just saying….. I’m just saying….

Yacht play Rough Trade tonight. Yacht Rock.

Neil Degrasse Tyson considers the cosmos with Eugene Mirman at The Bell House for StarTalk Live! NDT is probably my favorite emerging buzzy alt astrophysicist. And no. I did not spell that word correctly the first time. Google Docs has the PhD. Not me. I let them fix the tough words. Like Hor'dourves. Which I first spelled Hordourvers.

Other notable shows = Big Ups at Shea Stadium + Netflix + HBOGO + Amazon Prime


Tuesday - September 23rd, 2014 A.D.

Oh, yes. Oh, yes. It’s Night #3 of The Oh My Rockness Turns Ten Fest. As mentioned so originally and dynamically in a previous paragraph, Panda Bear (from the Collection of Animals) is playing our party. Blues Control too. Would you like to come to our party? There are tickets still available. And gee, it’s going to be a really cool party.

Oh My Rockness: just fucking around since 2004.

Tweedy + Jeff Tweedy play BAM. Tweedy is Jeff (father) and Spencer (son) Tweedy. Jeff Tweedy is Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy.

Rich Aucoin plays Glasslands and since 2010 I have been telling you this diabolical pop genius is underrated. At least here. In his hometown of Canada he’s probably huge. That’s because Canadians are awesome and always know what’s up. Special shout-out to any of the 13 regular readers of this dynamic weekly feature who also happen to be Canadian. If you're also left-handed you just made a friend for life.

Nada Surf play Rough Trade. I think finally enough time has passed for us to not even make mention of the music video that made them really popular for a minute. C’mon, guys. That was almost 20 years ago! Nada Surf has released 6 albums since then! In summation, please enjoy the following video.

Other notable shows = The Black Keys at Barclays Center + Lily Allen at Terminal 5 + Sondre Lerche and TEEN at Bowery Ballroom + Yacht at Mercury Lounge + Christopher Owens at Highline Ballroom + Mount Eerie at Trans-Pecos + Arrington De Dionyso at The Living Gallery


Wednesday - September 24th, 2014 A.D.

Lo-fi punk popsters LVL UP play Shea Stadium. LV THM. This band is going to go places. By rail, air, or sea. However they’d like to travel. LVL UP is going to get there. Bet.

Legendary performance artist Laurie Anderson (she went to the same high school where they filmed that movie “Lucas” = the most interesting fact you'll hear all week) and legendary string flingers Kronos Quartet start a 5 night collaboration at BAM. It will probably be pretty legendary. But have you ever seen Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet at BAM….on WEEED, man?

The Black Keys play Barclays Center. And there’s nothing I like more than talking about stadium shows on this weekly dynamic thing. It’s just really fun to talk about really big bands playing really big spaces. Especially if they are playing a place named after a bank. Those banks are hiLARious.

Unlocking the Truth play The Studio at Webster Hall. These three metal shredders are in 8th Grade. You know what I was doing in 8th Grade? Talking in class and then going home to watch whatever was on MTV (usually a Color Me Badd video) while eating a whole loaf of white bread. I always aimed for the stars. And now I blob about local music shows.

Other notable shows = Mt. Eerie at (le) poisson rouge + Lee “Scratch” Perry at Brooklyn Bowl + Front 242 (sure let’s add ‘em why not) at Irving Plaza + Christopher Owens at Music Hall of Williamsburg + Earth and King Dude at Saint Vitus + Lily Allen at Terminal 5


Thursday - September 25th, 2014 A.D.

Witch-folker King Dude plays Rough Trade. And as much as I like writing about stadium shows, my real passion is discussing singer-songwriting-Satanists. I tell you what, though. This Devil dude makes choruses like, “Lucifer is the light of the world” so darn catchy.

Lindstrom and some other dance masters beat their knobs and levers and keys and things at Output. Hey. By the way. A little birdie told me you like the big time jams. Would you like to hear a big time jam now? Terrific. I’ll get it all sorted and arranged for you. Hang on. Ah. There we are. One big time jam coming up NOW.

Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters play The Capitol Theatre (and Saturday + Sunday at BAM). I’m not familiar with this man or his work.

And Coheed & Cambria play The Wellmont. This is the only Coheed & Cambria song I know. Sorry. It’s a good song, though.

Other notable shows = Dick Diver at Cake Shop (more on this band later) + Earth and Cult of Youth at Saint Vitus Bar + My Brightest Diamond at Bowery Ballroom + Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet at BAM + DJ Questlove at Brooklyn Bowl + Lost Boy? at Shea Stadium


Friday - September 26th, 2014 A.D.

Beach Fossils (CMJ 2009 Oh My Rockness Show alums) + Heavenly Beat (CMJ 2012 Oh My Rockness Show Alums + baller) + Axxa/Abraxas (CMJ 2015 Oh My Rockness Show alums?) get all Captured Tracks on us at Baby’s All Right tonight (and tomorrow too). OMG WILL MAC DEMARCO B THEIR LUV H!M!!!!!!!!!!!! The pop shall shine bright at this one.

Broken Bells (The Shins guy and the Mouse guy) and Hamilton Leithauser (The Walkmen guy) play one of the last outdoor shows of the year at Central Park Rumsey Playfield. You knew this day was coming. I warned you. I said stuff like Mono No Aware and Sic Transit Gloria pretty much the entire summer (instead of experiencing the splendor of the present). I'm sorry. But there are no more summer shows. Oh Well. Mono No Aware. Sic Transit Gloria.

Well this is a nice lineup. Australia’s Dick Diver (click that for jingle and jangle) + PC Worship (click that to define the undefinable) + Free Time (click that if you like puppies and/or pizza) + Dark Blue (members of Ceremony and Clockcleaner - I’ve heard some solid streams) play Death by Audio. Those bands are good. You should go. And oh. One more things. Australians don’t drink Foster’s or eat at Outback. But they did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

NJ’s hardcore punksters Old Wounds straight slay. Watch them melt your face at The Grand Victory (and Saturday at ABC No Rio). I’m telling you. They have got the shreds. Hell, I don’t care if you believe me. Listen for yourself. The proof is in the stream.

Other notable shows = Tennis and Pure Bathing Culture at Webster Hall + The Rentals at The Stone Pony + Palehound at Shea Stadium + Kevin Drew at Music Hall of Williamsburg + Celebration at Mercury Lounge + Rise Against at Best Buy Theater + Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet at BAM


Saturday - September 27th, 2014 A.D.

Matt Sharp’s The Rentals (he was also in some other band but I can’t remember what their name was because it’s not like they are name checked every day by some up-and-coming buzzy emerging alt) + Mates of State (glad those two are still making the sticky goodness and I hope their music and love for each other feels as fresh as it did on the first day) + Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (I’m convinced this band isn’t as famous as they could be because nobody wants to waste their Twitter characters on their name) play Irving Plaza. It should be a really nice radically parenthetical time.

Torche play Saint Vitus. KICKING!

I wasn’t phoning in the dynamic description for Torche, btw. It was perfect.

The Music of John Lurie is the name of the game at Town Hall and people whose names you might know will be playing it. These names include: John Zorn + Flea + John Medeski + Billy Martin but not that Billy Martin. KICKING!

MoMA PS1 Art Book Fair is today at, well, MoMA PS1, But the music is being curated by the Todd P Trans-Pecos peeps. Click here to see the all day lineup. It’s too long to get into the goodness here.

Other notable shows = Beach Fossils and Heavenly Beat at Baby’s All Right (again) + Lee Ranaldo and The Dust at Union Pool + Kasabian at Terminal 5 + Coheed & Cambria at Hammestein + Robert Plant’s thing at BAM + Laurie Anderson at BAM (again - same time and a different space from Robert Plant’s thing)


Sunday - September 28th, 2014 A.D.

Good Chicago grime-y glam power pop garage band Twin Peaks play Brooklyn Flea. The Brooklyn Flea at 50 Kent. Don’t be going to no other Brooklyn Fleas if you want to see this one. I don’t know how many Brooklyn Fleas there are now. But I know there’s more than one Brooklyn Flea. And I didn't even have to consult with my friend Wikipedia before publishing this statement.

Free w/ RSVP. Man Man (and Saint Rich - it’s a Delicate Steve thing - you wouldn’t understand) play (le) poisson rouge. And really, what’s there to say about Man Man that hasn’t already been said? KICKING!

Ava Luna and a bunch of other bands play a free show at Freshkills Park in Staten Island. It will be the most fun you will ever have on a former landfill.

And finally. Amtrac opens for somebody or another at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Whattya say we end our time together this week with something streaming, something old (what was 2012 even like, man???) and something that really cooks.

Other notable shows = Arrington De Dionyso at Trans-Pecos + Hannibal Buress at Knitting Factory + I can’t believe Hannibal cancelled all those upcoming shows at Knitting Factory he was going to do because I listed like 17 of them and it took me a tick over 17 minutes to do so which is a really long time in digital land.




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