The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Oh My Rockness Turns Ten Fest + Animal Collective + Bob Mould + Tom Petty + Karen O + Wavves + Death From Above 1979 + Spoon + Lorde + Widowspeak + Deafheaven + Swans + lots more sublime musical goodness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Oh My Rockness Turns Ten Fest + Animal Collective + Bob Mould + Tom Petty + Karen O + Wavves + Death From Above 1979 + Spoon + Lorde + Widowspeak + Deafheaven + Swans + lots more sublime musical goodness

September 5, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

Hi, Alts! Thanks again for choosing to spend some time with this dynamic digital copy. I’ll really try my hardest to blob my best for you guys. And also for all the people who were told they could never blob. If I can blob - YOU can blob - EVERYBODY CAN BLOB.

Let’s get into the show goodness.

Monday - September 8th, 2014 A.D.

Wavves play Baby’s All Right. Remember when WAVVES played the Rockness SXSW show in 2009 at that really shitty parking lot "venue" (patio) that’s thankfully been torn down and stomped into ashes? I sure do. And the 23 other people who were there to hear them begrudgingly play 3 songs before bolting probably do too. What an unforgettable night.

Death from Above 1979 (please pay no attention to that 8-year-old band profile I wrote - I didn't re-read it - neither should you) have reformed, don’t you know. These two Canadian thrash punksters do their aggressive alt pop thing at Rough Trade. I liked them before they had to add the 1979* to the end of their name because it was a rubbing a liiiiittle too close to DFA’s comfort level. So I guess that makes me a #true #original #alt.

(or just a sad lonely blobber - the lines for these kinds of things aren’t too defined)

South African raver eccentro rapsters Die Antwoord play Irving Plaza (and tomorrow at Terminal 5). I don’t know if I would ever consciously put on a Die Antwoord album and “rock out” to it, but I guarantee you these guys are doing their own thing and while not everybody’s cup of tea (“fuck you and fuck your tea.”) they’re clearly gunning for the vision at full throttle. And if that doesn’t make someone a #true #original #alt I don’t know what does.

Other notable shows = Weeknight at The Acheron + Gary Clark Jr. at Central Park Rumsey Playfield + Galapagos Now! at Mercury Lounge


Tuesday - September 9th, 2014 A.D.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Karen O does an intimate solo show at the McKittrick Hotel (and again there Wednesday + Thursday + Friday at (le) poisson rouge). If you read any of the leading alt blobs while you procrastinate from living real life you already know all about this. You’ll also know it sold-out super fast. So if you got a ticket, either keep it to yourself (nobody likes a braggart) or give it away to someone less fortunate (those who could never type those sUPer c0mpLic@tED CAPTCHA codes).

The Philip Glass Ensemble and Steve Reich plays BAM (and again on Wednesday + Thursday). Let me tell you something. All of the bands I talk about on this dynamic thing this week will be long forgotten by the world before Philip Glass’s music will. Bet. Well, besides Wavves. Obviously.

San Francisco surf-soul-doo-wop-garage-punksters Shannon and the Clams play Union Pool (and Thursday at Death by Audio and Friday at Palisades). They’re pretty much my favorite surf-soul-doo-wop-garage-punkster band going right now. You’ll have fun at this one. It’ll be just like a ‘60s sock hop but super sloppy in the best and most sloppiest of ways.

Other notable shows = Justin Townes Earle at Stage 48 + Die Antwoord at Terminal 5 + Dev at Santos Party House


Wednesday - September 10th, 2014 A.D.

Bob Mould + Cymbals Eat Guitars play Bowery Ballroom (and again on Thursday and at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday). Cymbals Eat Guitars will play songs off their new album “Lose” which is a really good album. Bob Mould will play songs off his good new album “Beauty & Ruin”...but maybe we can all convince him to slip in “If I Can’t Change Your Mind” too. Because it’s one of the best pure pop songs of the last 20+ years.

Spoon play Central Park Rumsey Playfield (with !!! + Operators = ex-Wolf Parade). Spoon is really popular. The alts just love Spoon. I’m going to let you in on a shameful secret. I never got Spoon’s sound. Do you think it’s easy being a #true #original #alt and not liking Spoon? It is not. But go ahead. Continue to like Spoon. I’m the one with the problem. No need to absorb my baggage, man. I’m sure you’re all booked up in the department, too.

PC Worship play Palisades. Hey! I JUST wrote about this band. Check out that digitally dynamic profile for yourself. It’s really some of my best blob work. I think I really got to the heart of the matter about why this band shreds. “They said PC Worship couldn’t be categorized and defined. And then one day a leading local alt blob came along and did just that.”

Other notable shows = Rivergazer at The Rock Shop + Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers at Madison Square Garden + Free Time at Cake Shop + Man or Astro-Man? at Brooklyn Bowl + Philip Glass Ensemble at BAM + Reptar at Baby’s All Right


Thursday - September 11th, 2014 A.D.

Matt Mondanile of Ducktails (and also some band called Real Estate) plays a solo show at Baby’s All Right. I really like Ducktails. They take me to Mars. So come join me at this show as we take a cosmic trip through space and time.

Museum of Love is Pat Mahoney (DFA + drummer of LCD Soundsystem) + Dennis McNany (DFA + founder of Run Roc Records). Watch them bust out the dance funk at Verboten. Please remember to wear loose, breathable clothing. Stay hydrated. And move rhythmically responsibly.

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers play PNC Bank Arts Center. I think I’ve heard of them. Are you going to go to this? Cool. Let me know how it is. Stadium shows aren’t really my scene. But if you get any tips about Tom Petty doing a secret after party at an abandoned roller rink or a little used kickball field, please let me know. Text would be the quickest way to reach me.

Other notable shows = Karen O at McKittrick Hotel + Shannon and the Clams at Death by Audio + The Young at Glasslands + Sleepies and “Surprise Guest” at Shea Stadium


Friday - September 12th, 2014 A.D.

Today is day 1 of the Basilica Soundscape Fest in Hudson, NY. I hear it’s really alt up there now. Richard Reed Perry of the exceptionally attired Arcade Fire leads the lineup. But a bunch more people are playing too. Check it out. And please note. Day #2 is better. I just call 'em like I see 'em. This blob plays it like it lays.

Animal Collective does a DJ set at Brooklyn Bowl. I hope they take requests. I’ve been jonesing to hear “Cotton Eyed Joe” for awhile now. If that’s too deep of a cut for them to source, perhaps they’d consider “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang. I just love when that song comes on! It really gets me in the mood to celebrate.

Danielson play Glasslands. I’ve been a fan of this eccentro-pop* artist for years. In fact, I even liked him when he played his songs while stuck inside a giant tree. Now that’s what I call alt. Go see him do something crazy and wonderful and lovely.

(*still trying to launch that genre into the Zeitgeist - still failing)

Easy breezy Australia/NYC band Shorts play Shea Stadium. They’re good and feature a member of some band called Real Estate (echo….echo….). Here’s a pure pop hit that will instantly set you adrift on memory bliss.

Other notable shows = Karen O at (le) poisson rouge + Lemonade at Baby’s All Right + Sylvan Esso at Bowery Ballroom + DARKSIDE at Brooklyn Masonic Temple + Sustain-Release party at Camp Lakota + Shannon and the Clams at Palisades + White Denim at Music Hall of Williamsburg + Fletcher C. Johnson at Union Pool


Saturday - September 13th, 2014 A.D.

IT’S NIGHT #2 OF THE OH MY ROCKNESS TURNS TEN FEST! Sorry for the all caps. I’ve had a decade to learn that is most annoying. But I still do it sometimes when I'm particular excited about typing. Tonight. Pinback + Tera Melos is our guest at Irving Plaza. That band is also celebrating their own 10 year anniversary of sorts. In 2004 “Summer in Abaddon” was released. It’ll be Good to Sea them.

Hang with us! And be sure to get there early for the sweet sounds of DJ Whoa My Blobness. I promise to spin nothing but the hits. Celebrate good times COME ON and the YMCA tip.

Remember when I was talking about Basilica Soundscape and how Day #2 was the better day? Well, I really knew what I was blobbing about. Because today Swans + Deafheaven + White Lung + Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy + more play. You see? I told you it was the better day. I should blob more often. How about ten more years?

Mutual Benefit is Jordan Lee’s warm and super sublime synth folk pop project. The Boston lad and his band play Bowery Ballroom and I almost guarantee you’ll leave with a peaceful easy feeling. Please note. This band sounds nothing like The Eagles. That band sucks. Except for the songs “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Take it to the Limit.” Those are good songs. But “Desperado” and “The Best of My Love” and “I Can’t Tell You Why” and all those other Eagles songs give me the howling fantods.

Now, for truly one of the last free summer shows of the season. Widowspeak play The Lot in Long Island City today. It costs nothing. It will probably be pleasant out. You’ll graze about and look wonderfully alt as you listen to sweet sounds. And then you won’t be able to do it again for 8 months. So enjoy it, alts. Enjoy it.

Other notable shows = Baked at Shea Stadium + The Life and Times at Knitting Factory + Phantogram at Pier 97 + Steely Dan (sure, why not - let’s keep things spicy around here) at The Paramount


Sunday - September 14th, 2014 A.D.

San Francisco’s Deafheaven play Music Hall of Williamsburg (with No Joy). So if you didn’t feel like driving all the way up to Hudson to get your ears destroyed, you can come that much closer to deafness by going local tonight. Good thing this noise is completely 100% emo. This band soars, man. They soar. (All that being said. Here's a No Joy song. Because I already have a Deafheaven song available for stream in this dynamic thing. This has been this week's edition of Behind The Local Music Blob.)

New Zealand’s Lorde (I think I’ve heard of her - I believe she works for the Kansas City Royals organization in some capacity) + Montreal’s Majical Cloudz play Pier 97. And this will be one of the last paid outdoor shows of the season. Those are a little bit easier to say goodbye to than the free ones. But it’s still hard. The only thing that's going to get you through time.

And funny guy Hannibal Buress does a free show at Knitting Factory. Because of course he does.

Other notable shows = Mahogany and Psychic Twin at Glasslands + The Ramones 40th Anniversary Party at The Bowery Electric + Hard Nips at Union Pool


Thanks for reading. I hope I blobbed good.

And I hope you come to at least one night of the Oh My Rockness Turns Ten Fest. So we can be bff bb bae bae boo boos in real life too.

I luv u.



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