Top Ten Most Popular Upcoming Shows This Week: Dinosaur Jr. + Speedy Ortiz + DIIV + Andrew Bird + Titus Andronicus + Wild Beasts + The Men + other notable alts. - Oh My Rockness

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Top Ten Most Popular Upcoming Shows This Week: Dinosaur Jr. + Speedy Ortiz + DIIV + Andrew Bird + Titus Andronicus + Wild Beasts + The Men + other notable alts.

July 06, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

Wanna get crazy and mix up the format this week? Say nothing if you’re into it. Great! Forget The Best Shows This Week. Let’s instead talk about the Top Ten Most Popular Shows This Week. Woah! That’s an INSANE audible for this dynamic original content web feature you have come to rely on each week, I know. But change is good. And we need to keep the spice in this relationship.

The following shows have the most saves this week. But not in the Tim Howard or Mariano Rivera kind of way. You decided this list by using your “My Rockness” account. You do use “My Rockness” to do stuff like like save shows and bands, right? I’m going to assume so. Because I believe in you.

Please enjoy sharing this list with your friends and making it go viral so I can go on Jimmy Kimmel and talk about how I couldn’t have done it without you.

The Top Ten Most Popular Shows This Week

#1: 4Knots Music Festival - South Street Seaport - Saturday - July 12 - 2014 A.D.

This fest is always a good one. And not just because it’s free. But that certainly helps. This year’s 4Knots line-up include Dinosaur Jr. + Speedy Ortiz + Mac DeMarco + Nude Beach + Dead Stars + some other good bands, but really how much more do you want? I just got done telling you it was free, right? What. Dinosaur Jr. isn't good enough for free? Pray it doesn’t rain. Pray you get a table at Pizzeria Uno after. God, that place is heavenly.

#2: Andrew Bird - Central Park Summerstage - Tuesday - July 8th - 2014 A.D

I’m like Andrew Bird I can fly awaaayyyyyyy.” I still sing Nelly Furtado’s 2001 smash-hit song in the shower often. Which partially explains why I keep recycling the same dumb joke whenever I talk about Andrew Bird. But moving on, Andrew Bird is my favorite rock star violinist. Well, it’s either him or Owen Pallett…. or Kishi Bashi. And yes, I’ve recycled this one too. You have to pay to see this show. Sorry. Thems the rules. It takes money to make money. That’s the rub.

#3: Bonobo + Cibo Matto - Central Park Summerstage - Sunday - July 13th - 2014 A.D.

This one proves I had nothing to do with the making of this list. Because I have never listened to Bonobo* in my life. But I’m sure he is a really great British musician, producer, and DJ (thanks, Wikipedia!). I know Cibo “Crazy Food” Matto though. Because they've been rocking the wacky pop for years. So don’t call it a comeback. Because it’s not. LL Cool J said it. I believe it. That settles it. This show is free.

(*sure I could have researched Bonobo and then pretended to know - but posing ain’t the name of this Whoa My Blobness game - there is no ‘fake’ in rock ‘n roll, son.)

#4: Wild Beasts + Mutual Benefit - Pier 84 - Thursday - July 10th - 2014 A.D.

Wild Beasts are pretty much my favorite alt ‘n pop drama band from Kendal, England. And that’s saying something because that town of 28,586 (thanks, Wikipedia!) was also home to British Sea Power. My god! What’s in the water in that town 22 miles north of Lancaster? (no thanks this time, Wikipedia - I totally knew that fact on my own.) Mutual Benefit also play. Come early to see them if you like seeing pretty pop. This show is free. And if you forget everything else I have told you here today, that’s fine. Just don’t forget that.

#5: DIIV - Music Hall of Williamsburg - Friday - July 11th - 2014 A. D.

I loved them when they were Dive. So I’m not sweating it either. Not free.

#6: DIIV - Music Hall of Williamsburg - Thursday - July 10th - 2014 A.D.

They also played our CMJ show once. It was really early when they went on. I want to say it was 6 PM. But until Wikipedia adds an entry for “Oh My Rockness CMJ 2011 Show,” I will not be able to confirm this as fact. Not Free Part Deux.

#7: Titus Androncius - Brooklyn Night Bazaar - Friday - July 11th - 2014 A.D.

Speaking of bands who have played Rockness shows. Titus was a musical guest at our 2nd birthday party at The Annex (R.I.P. - I guess - but I won’t feel too bad if that place tosses and turns every now and then) in October of 2006. That was an early one too. Wow, I’m really coming up with dynamic stories for this original web content feature. Don’t pay anybody any money to see this one, man. It’s free.

#8: The Men - Union Pool - Saturday - July 12th - 2014 A.D.

Speaking of free, so is this one. The Men are loud. Union Pool is small. This is part of a series called “Summer Thunder.” Should you wear earplugs to this? I don’t know. YOU DO THE MATH. This show starts at 2 PM. That means this one happens during the day (thanks, Wikipedia!).

#9: Protomartyr and Alvvays - South Street Seaport - Friday - July 11th - 2014 A.D.

Detroit’s Protomartyr make dirty scuzzy punked out garage pop. Toronto’s Alvvays groove on the jingle-jangle sunshine vibes. What could go wrong? Nothing. Can’t we all just get along? Yes. Yes we can. Hope. Please pay nothing to see this performance. It’s free.

#10: Exploding in Sound + Impose Party - Secret Project Robot - Saturday - July 12th A.D.

Speaking of free, this show is totally 100% NOT. Wow! Mint! Rare! But it’s only 10 bones. And you can see good bands like Tyvek + Big Ups + Alex G + Roomrunner + Baked + a bunch more (but the bands I just mentioned are worth the 10 bones alone so I don’t really need to get into it).

There you have it. Those were The Top Ten Most Popular Shows This Week. Please remember. I had nothing to do with this list. This one was all you. And you guys have pretty good taste. We should totally be friends. Oh wait. We already are.

Thanks, Wikipedia!


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