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I’ll admit I was hesitant to check out Nude Beach because they are called... Nude Beach. The last thing anybody needs is for things to get more beachy around here. But I quickly discovered that Brooklyn’s (by way of Long Island) Nude Beach doesn’t sound anything like surfing or waves or haze. At all. Actually, this just sounds like good old American poppy rock ‘n roll.

Nude Beach has an early Elvis Costello/Paul Westerberg vibe going on. You can also make a case for Springsteen. But I hear more like a little bit of early Johnny Cougar (way before the “Wild Night” era - a song I’m totally cool with never hearing again). So just to reiterate. Nude Beach definitely does not sound like Brian Wilson or Phil Spector. And they definitely don’t use reverb. Whew.

So what DOES Nude Beach do? Well, pardner. I’m sure glad you asked that. This good old good time band rocks that scratchy power pop that makes you want to go out and shoot some pool down there at the only sticks hall in town. These songs that are meant to get you “up” might even give you the gumption to go hustle a few of the locals while you’re at it. Or, get hustled yourself. Hell. It’s ok. It’s all good. It’s only money and everyone is there just to have a good old time. I believe that means getting drunk on cloudy mugs of cold beer. But you can interpret a good time any old way you want to. It’s all good. pardner.

If you like bands that just sound like (there’s really no better way to put this) good old rock ‘n roll, you very well might like Nude Beach. If you like music that sounds like an ocean paddle out, this might not be the band for you. This band is for the real people in the small towns. And I do believe there was once a Johnny Cougar song about all that.

Published May 15, 2013



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