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The Best Concerts in NYC This Week: Slint + The Knife + CHVRCHES + Deerhoof + Against Me! + Matt Pond PA + more musical goodness!

May 1, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

I am so glad you are here.

Let’s talk about some good shows happening this weekend.

And then we can talk about whatever you want.

What are your other interests? Do you like to read? Maybe we should start a book club?

That settles it. Immediately following this dynamic digital content we’re starting a real life book club. Might I suggest we start with #HeavenIsForReal? I've been hearing good things.

But first. Concerts.

Thursday - May 1st, 2014 A.D.

The Red Bull Music Academy Festival starts today and runs all month at various venues. I just thought you should know.

Psych popster Connan Mockasin (New Zealand) and loveable eccentro-pop dream-doom-synth nut job Kirin J Callinan (Australia) play Bowery Ballroom tonight (and Friday at Music Hall of Williamsburg). That’s a good pairing of intoxicatingly strange musical transcendence right there. And considering they came from the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD to play their songs for you - the least you could do is show up for it.

CHVRCHES do a DJ set at Output tonight. And while I’m not exactly entirely sure what that means (#research #stinks) I would assume it’s the members of CHVRCHES playing records. Why this activity would cost you $25 at the door, I do not know. Hold on. I begrudgingly just did some quick #research. It’s Kitsune Club Night. That’s why it's $25. Oh.

Things don’t always have to go so big time on this thing. Not everything has to be a sold-out show, son! Sometimes you just wanna go to a small show. A nice little small show with a good little band. And if that’s what you’re in the mood for - and you like lo-fi eccentro-pop - I suggest checking out The Hairs at Muchmore’s. They aren’t CHVRCHES but they manage just fine thank you very much.

Other notable shows tonight = The Both at Music Hall of Williamsburg (as mentioned) + Rodrigo y Gabriela at Beacon Theater + Empire and Monogold and The Teen Age at Cameo Gallery + Bad Girlfriend at Niagara.


Friday - May 2nd, 2014 A.D.

OK. They have moved beyond the DJ thing. CHVRCHES play a proper show at Terminal 5 tonight (and again tomorrow….and Sunday). In keeping to the theme of the week, this show is sold-out. But CHVRCHES play NYC all the time. At least that’s the way it seems. I can’t give you the exact number of times this band has played here in the last year or two because #research #stinks. But here’s the best pop song ever written about half siblings.

London’s electronic punk party poppers NYPC play Glasslands tonight. And I’m such an original alt, I used to listen to them when they were known as New Young Pony Club. And then I promptly forgot about them. That’s how much of an original alt I am. Maybe I’ll try to have that added that to my tombstone too.

“Here lies Whoa My Blobness: the original alt listener of Say Hi….To Your Mom and NYPC aka New Young Pony Club. Rest in Alt.”

Think I can fit all that on my tombstone? Better look into mausoleums.

The beats and the booms will simmer down to something instrumentally chill at Baby’s All Right. Chrome Sparks and Infinity Shred play tonight. Ease into this melodic mellow goodness, now. Just ease into it. Groove on the good vibrations. Feel the transcendent tingles. Choose life. Forever and Ever. Amen.

I already mentioned the Red Bull Music Academy Festival happening all this month. But tonight’s show at BAM is a particularly good one (and it happens again on Saturday). The show celebrates the music of enigmatic Nigerian funk musician (and perhaps now a taxi driver living in Ireland?) William Onyeabor and features performances by David Byrne + The Rapture guy + the Bloc Party guy + the Blood Orange guy + a bunch of other good guys. So you might want to consider going to this one, guy.

97X….BAM….the future of rock ‘n roll.

Other notable shows = Connan and Kirin at Music Hall of Williamsburg (already mentioned) + Rodrigo y Gabriela at Beacon Theater + Suzanne Vega at The Bell House.


Saturday - May 3rd, 2014 A.D.

Gainsville’s Against Me! (nope, not me) and San Francisco’s Tony Molina (i invite you to click his name) and Seattle’s Big Eyes play Webster Hall tonight. That’s a solid punker rocker situation right there. Involve yourself in that goodness. And how about this! As of this writing (4:07pm on April 25th in the Year of the Trial-Sized Dove Bar) there are still tickets available. Wow! Mint! Rare! The sold-out shows shall not be concerned with me!

Pictureplane leads a good lineup at Brooklyn Night Bazaar tonight. It’s this free bazaar. That is open for business at night. In Brooklyn. Montreal’s Ought also play. They play good stabby jabby punk. And I think this is the band’s first ever NYC show. So that’s something. And it may even be true. #research #stinks

Shorts (click that to see see a picture of John McEnroe’s shorts) is a new band that features the keyboardist from some band called Real Estate. They play Radio Bushwick tonight. And I really like this perfect little pop song. Do you? If so, wanna hang at Radio Bushwick and talk about all the other stuff we surely have in common and also cook up a plan for that book club?

Philadelphia’s Cheerleader is another good new easy breezy pop band you should get into it (and I should mind my own business). They play Glasslands tonight with Corbu and Computer Magic. Here is a very pleasing song. Let's agree to agree on that.

Berlin play Gramercy Theatre tonight. And I just want you to know that “Take My Breath Away” is one of my least favorite songs of all time. I get the howling fantods whenever that song comes on. Also, will somebody please tell USA and TNT and WGN and TBS that Top Gun sucks?

(I’m posting the video so I can smear depression all over myself. It’s fun to do that every now and then)

Other notable shows = Deerhoof at (le) poisson rouge (bunny! bunny!) + CHVRCHES at Terminal 5 (already mentioned like a million times) + Greg Proops at The Bell House (haha) + Mighty Mouse at Slake + Body Language at Irving Plaza + JD Samson at Brooklyn Museum (free) + DJ sets by The Juan Maclean and Nancy Wang at Brooklyn Bowl.


Sunday - May 4th, 2014 A.D.

Like Mondays, Sunday nights are usually about putting lipstick on the pig stink. Not this time. This week don’t play like that. There is lots of goodness to choose from.

You could go see Matt Pond PA at Rough Trade. That guy’s been delivering the pop goods for over ten years and you should go and bring him a watch or gold pen or something special in honor of his sweetly melodic sustainability. This particular song reminds me of nice times.

Or, if you prefer to get your ears blasted by brutal goodness, you should consider going to see Sannhet at The Studio at Webster Hall. This new band is #good. Listen to this song right quick. Hear the noise? Sure you do. But can you also hear the pretty? I bet you can. Because I believe in you.

I already told you about Slint at Bowery Ballroom. FOABOA. For Original Alts By Original Alts.

And holy shit! I guess I’m going to end this thing by talking about CHVRCHES....AGAIN. Because they play Terminal 5 tonight. That makes a million times since last July.

I don't know if it's been a million times. #research #stinks

Other notable shows = Weekend at Glasslands + The So So Glos at Shea Stadium + Vulture Shit at Death by Audio.



Thanks a lot! That was The Best Shows This Weekend and you guys have been great! A boring work week is up next!

But first. I’ve taken the liberty of preparing some discussion questions for our first book club meeting while you were reading.

What do you think the title #HeavenisForReal means?

Did you like the characters in #HeavenisForReal?

How did #HeavenForReal make you feel?

Finally? Is #HeavenForReal?



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