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Written by Patrick McNamara

Kirin J Callinan is a gruff post-synth-chilly-doom-dream-core crooner (whatever with that description - but you listen to his music and YOU try to describe it - I bet you’ll just end up throwing up a bunch of words with hyphens in between them too) and perhaps mentally unhinged* provocateur from Australia.

(oh, so when you like to strip down to your underwear at your own shows, you’re called a provocateur. but when you do it before settling in on the couch for a relaxing day of television like i do, you’re called pathetic. sometimes I really hate this house. nobody here understands me.)

Seeing this guy live can be an intensely uncomfortable experience. And, of course, Callinan is into that. That’s what he’s after. These menacing, unfamiliar sounds are supposed to make you squirm a bit. And that’s fine. Going to shows can’t be all puppy dogs and ice cream all the time, guys. It’s not all chill times and random acts of kindness out there. Sometimes a show should make you feel anxious - nervous - even a little bit distressed. Because it’s fun to feel that way sometimes. Hell, everytime I watch “The Shining” I find new ways to delight in almost shitting my pants.

(practically shitting your pants while watching a scary movie at home and you’re just “a loser” - never a “provocateur.” man, i really need to get out of this crummy place and two-bit town and to someplace where people appreciate a guy like me.)

Wait. Who IS that sad person talking in parentheses? I’m trying to write a band profile here! Anyway, you should buy Kirin J Callinan’s new album “Embracism” on Terrible Records. It’s not terrible at all. And then go see him play...if you can hang with the stress this guy's throwing at you, of course.

Posted below is an excellently strange video (also called “Embracism”) to get you in the unhinged mood. In it, Callinan sings (well, he more like booms) that you have to love one another. But somehow I don’t think he really means it.

(i’ve totally experienced intense showers like this before - they're amazing - and everyone is always banging on the door for me to get out too - it’s, like, they just don’t understand the visionary things i’m doing in there - i need to get the first bus outta here and go where the provocateurs are - man, that's gonna be one long bus ride to Australia)

*I don’t think Kirin is insane - I think he knows exactly what he’s doing up there - but i can’t speak the same for that sad and lonely dude in parentheses.

Published September 24, 2013



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