((CHVRCHES)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

This band is going to be huge. You heard it here first. Well, probably second. Or, third. That's fine. We'll take third. We just want to come home with a medal.

Chvrches is a trio from Glasgow that plays bright and squiggly synth-electro-pop that's beautiful and happy and destined to help sell out next summer's massive festivals. Sure, they're a few months away from (indie) world domination but they're gonna get there. Bet me.

If you like Purity Ring like I like Purity Ring, you're going to like this. Although, I should warn you, Chvrches are even MORE accessible than PR (i.e. more shower singable - so make sure that sponge microphone you have next to your shampoo is ready for this).

Other Chvrches comparisons range from The Knife to Robyn to M83 to Grimes. Those are pretty big time bands. And Chvrches will soon belong in that big time company. Not sure I've mentioned that yet.

Finally, singer Lauren Mayberry has a really nice voice. I just thought you should know. Listen to "The Mother We Share" we have conveniently embedded below. You love it, don't you? Shhh. I know you do. That's a deal. Chvrches = READY FOR THE BIG TIME.

Published September 28, 2012



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