((Mighty Mouse)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

I don't know this dude's real name. It can't be Mighty Mouse. But then again, maybe it is? You never know these days. I just read a story in the NY Times about a kid whose parents named him Batman.... and impossibly, that wasn't even the main point of the story. So what do I know. I could probably find out this guy's real name if I spent another few minutes with the reference librarian over there (yeah, I'm at the library... that's right) but she seems tired of all my questions already. And the slight annoyance of a research librarian I just made up is a little more than I can take at this point in my life.

So here's what I do know - Mighty Mouse is an electronic producer guy who does dance (i.e. sounds meant for accompanied rhythmic body movements). He's got the big time beats and the booms and the good samples and why do I even bother doing profiles on dance dudes. I could just say "this is dance music" and you'd be like, "cool - got it, Rockness." And then we'd probably talk about some other stuff - and not necessarily music related either - because we've got lots of stuff in common. For example, do you make up fake reference librarians too? I bet you do.

Speaking of that, please excuse me. I'm going to bravely go ask that fake reference librarian if she happens to know if Mighty Mouse is indeed from space (as he claims on Twitter) or is my hunch correct that he's really from England? I bet it's England. And then she'll be impressed with my knowledge.... for a second.... before suddenly morphing into a giant ham.... because I'm hungry... and thats what always happens to my made-up characters when I'm hungry. I hear this happens to Bugs and Daffy sometimes too.

Published January 23, 2013



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