The Best Shows in NYC This Week: FREE SUMMER SHOWS + Ratatat+ Neil Young + Foo Fighters + toe + Mitski + Gates + Natalie Prass + U2 (who?) + Reptar + Baked + Two Inch Astronaut + Jaill + Hall and Oates + Spraynard + Sophie + Rush Midnight + more! - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Week: FREE SUMMER SHOWS + Ratatat+ Neil Young + Foo Fighters + toe + Mitski + Gates + Natalie Prass + U2 (who?) + Reptar + Baked + Two Inch Astronaut + Jaill + Hall and Oates + Spraynard + Sophie + Rush Midnight + more!

July 13, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

If you don't write a dynamic 'Best Shows This Week' digital article for two weeks because you deserve a goddamn vacation every now and then, does anybody notice? Does it make a sound? Can you still feel the butterflies?

Regardless, it's good to be back. I've missed blobbing with you.

Let's talk about the good shows going down in New York New York this week.

Also, please check out The Rockness Guide to Free Summer Shows - because 1.) free is the most powerful word in music blobbing and b). Claire and I worked hard on that shit.

Monday - July 13, 2015 A.D.

Speaking of free (which I totally just was, in the intro above that you didn't read), there's a free (w/ RSVP) situation tonight at Manhattan INN. Players include: TEEN + Nicole Atkins + Sam Cohen + more. Go if you're the type that likes seeing those people perform for free.

Did you know that good shows happen outside of NYC's borders sometimes? I know, I know. I didn't believe it at first either. Yet the proof is here in our Summer Getaways Guides that we worked really hard on. Why do I bring this up now? Because Langhorne Slim plays Bearsville Theater tonight and that's in Woodstock, NY, beeyotch.

Columbia recording artist Natalie Prass (did you think I was going to say Bob Dylan?*) plays Bowery Ballroom tonight. People like Natalie Prass so I thought you should know because this blob is a blob for the people.

(*to this day, Bob Dylan is introduced at his shows as "Columbia recording artist, Bob Dylan" #behindtheblob)

Other notable shows = HBOGO + Netflix + Hulu Plus + Amazon Prime + Sling + Bling + Ding + Dong


Tuesday - July 14, 2015 A.D.

Kelela plays Lot 45 in Brooklyn. It's a Red Bull Sound Select thing. One of those $3 show things. Red Bull gives you _______. (note to self: need something that rhymes with 'things' here)

In The Valley Below plays a free show (w/ RSVP) at Baby's All Right tonight and Wikipedia tells me they are a band.

Remember when I was talking about our Summer Getaway Guides and how sometimes there are good shows beyond NYC's borders? Man, that was such a good talk. Wait. Why did I bring this up again? Oh, right. Because folk popsters Arc Iris plays at BSP tonight and that's in Kingston, NY, beeyotch.

SEE ALL OF OUR TUESDAY PICKSOther notable shows = Soak at (le) poisson rouge + The Chris Robinson Brotherhood at Stone Pony + I'm Fine With Never Hearing a Song By The Black Crowes Ever Again Ever

Wednesday - July 15, 2015 A.D.

Milwaukee's Jaill has been a super solid band seemingly forever (“since 2002, Rockness. your friend, Wikipedia"). The excellent punksters play Shea Stadium tonight w/ Air Waves (“a very good band too, Wikipedia. your bud, Oh My Rockness) and friends. This show will be a goddamn delight. So help me blob.

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic play Queensbridge Park (and tomorrow at MetroTech Commons and Sunday at The Paramount). Legends.

Hall and Oates play Jones Beach and both of these men are legends. Disagree with me? I can't go for that.

Foo Fighters play Citi Field (and tomorrow too). Legends - if they would've stopped making records after “The Colour and The Shape." Oooh. Sick burn. Dave Grohl is tossing turning crying on his bed of money while reaching for tissues made of money and trying to soak up the diamonds flowing from his nose.

Other notable shows = Rush Midnight at Baby's All Right + Wet Hot American Summer (screening) with Big Ups in McCarren Park + Har Mar Superstar at The Bowery Electric + The Revivalists at Bowery Ballroom + Mighty Mighty Bosstones at Webster Hall + I'm Fine With Never Hearing Never Had To Knock On Wood Or Whatever That Song Was Called Ever Again Ever


Thursday - July 16, 2015 A.D.

Japanese post rock math heroes toe play (le) poisson rouge and if you haven't seen them live they're straight incredible. You should definitely consider going to this one especially when you consider they traveled from the other side of the world to play for you, but no big deal no guilt trip whatever you want to do you do you cool cool cool.

PA's Spraynard are popster punksters that I have high regards for and they're one of the most 'not depressing' bands currently working the game, son. They'll make your mooder better (because you're kinda sad you're not at toe) if you go to Shea Stadium tonight. This will be a good one too. And that I don't back down from.

Speaking of popsters I like, Gingerlys play Palisades. I wrote very nice words about them here. You will surely click on that link later when you're ready to give that band profile the time it deserves but for right now the upshot of it is “Gingerlys is a good band."

Also, Autograph play Saint Vitus. Take it away, Autograph! Lead us into the weekend, baby!

Other notable shows = Reptar at Bearsville Theater + Foo Fighters at Citi Field + AA Bondy at Mercury Lounge + Sophie at Output + Toad the Wet Sprocket at The Paramount


Friday - July 17, 2015 A.D.

Mitski (click that to read kind words) + Elvis Depressedly (click that to read kind words) + eskimeaux (click that to read kind words) are three good bands. The end. Oh, wait. I almost forgot. They're also all playing Palisades tonight (and Sunday at Shea Stadium).

Gates open for Into Another and Fairweather at Gramercy Theater. You know who's one of my very favorite bands making music today? Gates. Truth. No joke style. So help me blob.

Ratatat play Webster Hall. The electronic post _______ duo played Governors Ball in June, but before that their last NYC show was 4 years ago. I just looked that #music #fact up for you because I blob harder. Pow pow pow.

Remember when I was talking about our Summer Getaway Guides? I still can't believe how fun that discussion was. Wait. Why did I bring this up again (again) (again)? Oh, right. Because (MIGHTY) NEIL YOUNG plays Bethel Woods Center tonight and that's in Bethel, NY, beeyotch.

Other notable shows = Reptar at Rough Trade + Yumi Zouma at Elvis Guesthouse + The Hairs at Cake Shop + Mewithoutyou at Bowery Ballroom


Saturday - July 18, 2015 A.D.

This band U2 play Madison Square Garden (and a bunch more times). My father works security for concerts and just saw them 4 times at United Center in Chicago. He said they were “too loud" and the singer Bono (pronounced like “pro bono") was “a tad pretentious." Here's more of my dad talking about concerts - specifically seeing The Beatles in concert in 1966.

Blondes + Teengirl Fantasy lead a real good one at Good Room for FIXED. You can dance if you want to. Just adhere to the bass lines, trust the hours of training you've done in your living room, and you'll be fine.

Speaking of dancing, Boys Noize is the highlight of the show happening at Brooklyn Mirage. Have you ever been to Brooklyn Mirage? Have you ever even heard of it? Me neither. Until I looked it up as research for this particularly inspired part of this post. Because I blob harder.

Remember when I was talking about our Summer Getaway Guides? THAT WAS, IS, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE THE BEST DIGITAL OR NON-DIGITAL DISCUSSION EVER. Wait. Why did I bring this up again (again) (again)(again)? Oh, right. Because Delicate Steve plays BearsvilleTheater tonight and that's in Woodstock, NY, beeyotch.

*it's a Butterfly thing

And just so you know, there's a real solid lineup all around at Shea Stadium tonight. Baked + Two Inch Astronaut + Palm + Stove (it's an OVLOV thing) + Wing Dam all play. Damn, son. Gonna be a good one, yo. So consider going, yo. Magnets, yo.

Other notable shows = MoMA PS 1 Summer Warm Up + Summer Scrum at Trans-Pecos + Wolf Eyes at Aviv + The Detroit Cobras at Brooklyn Bowl + Life Size Maps at Elvis Guesthouse + Yawn at Fat Baby + Failure at The Space at Westbury + Lolawolf at The Surf Lodge


Sunday - July 19, 2015 A.D.

Summer Scum continues today/tonight at Trans-Pecos (Part 1 is/was Saturday - depending on when you're reading this dynamic digital article). It's led by Pharmakon and a bunch of other noisy bands that are complicated to understand but probably worth the effort. Can I get an amen? Fine. Be that way. I didn't really want an amen anyway.

Dinosaur Feathers play Elvis Guesthouse and did you know birds are dinosaurs? It's totally FACT. Ask Wikipedia if you don't believe me.

Finally. Mitski + Elvis Depressedly + eskimeaux play Shea Stadium but I totally already talked about them this week in a kind manner. Scroll up to see what I had to say if you want but I'm not going to because there are no rearview mirrors here at Rockness HQ.

Other notable shows = HBOGO + Netflix + Hulu Plus + Amazon Prime + Sling + Bling + Ding + Dong


Back to blobbing after two weeks off and this very dynamic digital article was the best I could do. I am sorry. Thank you for reading all the way to the end, all 13 of you. You know which friendly local show listing website loves you? THIS BLOB.


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