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Written by Patrick McNamara

If you like (mostly) instrumental post rock, clean noodle-twinkle guitars, and math-y rhythms, you probably already like (love?) Japanese band toe because they've been slinging that goodness forever (and by forever I mean 2000 and that's just about the same thing - Y2K, tho).

If you haven't heard of toe it's almost better that way because the #1 Golden Rule here at Oh My Rockness is that it's never, ever, ever too late to get into something good. Be very wary of those who try to steer you only towards the most recent things. The #2 Golden Rule is that the future is massively overrated. The #3 Golden Rule is never go to the market hungry.

The band seem to tour here maybe once every couple of years or so (Japan is far away) and good news (!) toe will play shows in The States this summer. This is bad news if you're reading this after the summer of 2015 A.D. has already passed (how was it, by the way?) - a very real possibility because once they're created, we leave these band profiles up and untouched and we've been doing that forever (and by forever I mean 2004 and this new band The Shins is gonna change your life).

There are many toe releases you can involve yourself with and you can find them all on the World Wide Intrasphere if you try very hard. Perhaps start with the split they did with Pele (love Pele) on Polyvinyl in 2004 or maybe begin the journey with “The Future is Now EP" released in 2012 on Topshelf Records (home to: Braid + Del Paxton + Donovan Wolfington + Frameworks + Field Mouse + Sorority Noise + well, I could go on forever and by forever I mean I probably need about ninety more seconds). Or, just arbitrarily point your finger on one of the dozen toe albums and start there.

It doesn't matter where you begin with this band. Just give toe a go.

(*had to add this note otherwise this band profile would end in a lame rhyme forever)

Published April 28, 2015



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