The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Spoon + Beirut + James Murphy + Oberhofer + Iceage + Active Child + Bully + Chastity Belt + Pictureplane + Shamir + Ricky Eat Acid + D'Angelo + Christopher Owens + Gates + Widowspeak + Aviator + lots more goodness! - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Spoon + Beirut + James Murphy + Oberhofer + Iceage + Active Child + Bully + Chastity Belt + Pictureplane + Shamir + Ricky Eat Acid + D'Angelo + Christopher Owens + Gates + Widowspeak + Aviator + lots more goodness!

June 15, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Every week I use this space to chat with you about the good shows happening in NYC and this week I thought I would continue this tradition so as not to rock the boat and keep everything on the regular. I hope you like what you read and hear and also hope to see you out there because that's what it's all really about. The community and kinship that comes from music, man.

So kick back, relax, and let the show goodness flow 'cause here we go.

Monday - June 15th, 2015 A.D.

Bully play Rough Trade. Remember when I said nice things on my music blob about these solid Nashville fuzz rockers without anyone even asking me to comment? That was pretty bully of me. Anyway, I VERY recently saw Bully play (after I wrote this but before I proofread it) and they were 100% great.

Cincinnasty garage band Heartless Bastards play a show at Webster Hall and they've been doing that sort of thing since 2003 so they must have a little bit of #heart to be able to stay in the game so long. Because that's all it is, man. A game. Spoiler Alert.

Chris Gethard does the old Union Hall job. Did you know when we're not listing the hottest buzziest up-and-coming shows by the hottest buzziest up-and-coming bands we're also listing comedy shows? The good ones, yes we do, it's so true.

Other notable shows = Wyatt Cenac at Littlefield (see, I told you we list comedy shows) + Las Rosas at Rough Trade + Tove Lo at Music Hall of Williamsburg (free)


Tuesday - June 16th, 2015 A.D.

Iceage play 315 Ten Eyck Street early tonight and then go play The Acheron late. Love these Danish DIY punks or hate these Danish DIY punks, just remember that they are OUR Danish punks if this country I'm writing from was Denmark but it's not it's Brooklyn.

Seattle's Chastity Belt (by way of beautiful downtown Walla Walla, Washington) play Baby's All Right and I've mentioned their musical goodness during a previous discussion but ICYMI (ICYMI = in case you missed it, ICYMI) that's OK just listen to this jam and you'll hopefully hear that goodness too. Hardly art, hardly starving. Hardly art, hardly garbage.

Spoon and The Antlers play Kings Theatre tonight and if you still haven't been to that grand and majestic space what the hell are you waiting for? It's not THAT far. Did I mention during a previous week that they have heavy red curtains with golden tassels there? Golden tassels, man. Goddamn golden tassels!

*Please note: both bands also play Wednesday at The Wick which still manages to be a fine place even though there aren't any golden tassels there.

Other notable shows = Active Child at Music Hall of Williamsburg + The Acid and Young Magic at Lot 45 + Woods at Rough Trade + Wild Yaks at Shea Stadium + SLAYER at The Paramount


Wednesday - June 17th, 2015 A.D.

Active Child play Bowery Ballroom tonight and frontman Pat Grossi has one of the best singing voices in the entire music game, man, and that I will never back down from ever. His voice soars to heights only the angels and the boldest of eagles dare fly.

Oberhofer play Elvis Guesthouse (and tomorrow at NeueHouse) and this show is only 5 bones. 5 bones to see Oberhofer? A human hit machine of catchy rock 'n roll splendor? Um. Yes. Um. You betcha. Um. And how.

I don't listen to Pictureplane's music all the time but every time I do I'm glad it's playing. See Travis Egedy tear it up and build a good time one beat at a time at Friends and Lovers tonight and please remember that we are all post-physical #neverforget.

Other notable shows = Spoon and The Antlers at The Wick + Doubting Thomas Cruise Control at Alphaville + Ghostface Killah at Good Room (free w/ RSVP) + SLAYER at The Paramount (I will all caps SLAYER always and forever)


Thursday - June 18th, 2015 A.D

Pattern is Movement are playing their final NYC show (ever) at Baby's All Right and that sucks because I have been saying for seven years that this band is good. Seven years, man. Seven. Go see them one last time. Or, for the first time. Because remember the Golden Rule. It is never too late to get into somebody good…... until they break-up.... and then it's too late to see them but never too late to turn them on and feel them in your #heart and everyone always gets back together before they die anyway. Amen

Shamir is cool as hell and he's playing Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight but it's sold-out because Shamir is cool as hell and I just thought you should know.

Ricky Eat Acid play Palisades tonight and this “post-pastoral band"* is so nice we originally had this show listed on the blob twice. I just fixed this while prepping this very dynamic digital article you're enjoying and loving right now.

*quoting myself here - a very chill thing to do

Also. Couch Slut play Saint Vitus and this band still terrifies me and I love it.

Other notable shows = Oberhofer at NeueHouse + Baked at Shea Stadium + Wolf Alice at (le) poisson rouge + Summer Fiction at Union Hall + Penguin Prison at Moscot (free) + Dinowalrus and Dead Stars and friends at Aviv.


Friday - June 19th, 2015 A.D.

Did you know we sometimes list shows outside the NYC area? It's totally true. I would totally not shit you about that. Tonight, Beirut play Bearsville Theater so if you happen to be in the Woodstock area you should go check it out and I should mind my own business. For the rest of us staying in the city, if we listen hard enough we just might be able to make out Beirut's glockenspiels from here.

King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard (click their name for useful information about that band or stay right here for #fun) play Bowery Ballroom and not to brag but once on Twitter someone created the hashtag #NBAbands and my contribution was King Gizzard and The Washington Wizards and to make a long story amazing two people favorited it.

A Great Big Pile of Leaves and Gates and Prawn play a solid show from start to finish at Music Hall of Williamsburg and I've listened to this song I've conveniently posted for you below a couple hundred times by now probably but I don't really keep track but a couple hundred seems more than plausible.

Finally for tonight, say goodbye to OVLOV at Shea Stadium tonight as another good band goes down but one who will forever remain in my #heart. We'll always have October 15th, 2013.

Other notable shows = Unknown Mortal Orchestra at Warsaw + James Murphy at Output + Future Punx at Alphaville + DJ Neon Indian at Cameo Gallery + Palm at David Blaine's The Steakhouse + Van Morrison at Forest Hills Stadium


Saturday - June 20th, 2015 A.D.

Jessica Pratt and Widowspeak at BSP tonight but please note that BSP is in Kingston, NY and I mentioned earlier that we list good shows outside of NYC sometimes and this is just another one of those excellent cases of broadening the range of our listing goodness.

Aviator play Bushwick Public House and you'll never believe what neighborhood this DIY space is located in. I still listen to the following Aviator song I've conveniently posted for your streaming pleasure on the regular. You know why? Because this song slays. And slaying never grows old. “Caught between childhood dreams and responsibility."

Former Girls person, Christopher Owens, plays 100% chill songs at Baby's All Right (and Sunday at Mercury Lounge) and did you know Girls broke up the exact same year that “Girls" the show first aired? Spooky shit, man.

Soul Asylum plays Brooklyn Bowl (and on Monday too) but forget all that 1992 “Runaway Train" era nonsense and involve yourself with this big time jam from 1988.

Other notable shows = Jaga Jazzist at Webster Hall + Hot Sugar at Union Pool (free Summer Thunder) + Ma Jolie at The Acheron + Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga at Radio City (you're already all over this one, I'm sure) + Dead Moon and J Mascis at Pioneer Works + Jungle at Central Park Summerstage (free)


Sunday - June 21st, 2015 A.D.

The Bang on a Can contemporary classical marathon (10 hours of music) happens today at Winter Garden at Brookfield Place on Vesey street down by the water. It's free. Also, the Bang on the Can organization is four years older than Stomp. Just thought you should know.

Tim Kinsella plays Rough Trade and his old band Cap'n Jazz was one of the bands I could count on one hand that first made me want to listen to the music I still listen to so I will forever be grateful to this guy. Here's a video I took at Cap'n Jazz's first reunion show in Chicago. I flew from my home in NYC to see it and then I flew right back. In a jetplane. Coach style.

Other notable shows = D'Angelo at Forest Hills Stadium + Christopher Owens at Mercury Lounge + OM at Saint Vitus Bar + Greg Barris at Union Hall (because we list comedy shows sometimes)


And now everything is settled, decided upon, and done. Thank you for listening. Keep the musical goodness alive and always remember to trust your #heart.


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