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Written by Patrick McNamara

Boston’s Aviator are five men (Aviv! Mat! Michael! TJ! Mike! - none of them need last names - like Prince or Mariah or Steve) who make loud prettiness. Sure. They’ve got the hardcore screams and the punk riffs we both have come to know and love together. But they also have the transcendently twinkling melodies over all that noise that make you want to bust out the messianic Shawshank move - you know, the one where you outstretch your arms and lift your face to the heavens and soak in the celestial sunshine (or, in the case of that movie, rain). Not many bands can do that, man.

Aviator have released a bunch of stuff since forming way back in 2009 (what was that year even LIKE) and now their first full-length is finally here. It’s called “On Head In the Clouds, Hands In the Dirt” from No Sleep Records and you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to post a song from it for you directly below this dynamic original web content. Because it’s really good and I’m always doing #sweet #things #like #that.

OK. Get streaming. And remember. Listen for the prettiness. Wait. One small pro tip before I really let you go. I suggest you really BLAST this if you want to be inspired to do the Shawshank move. I guess it could still work if you played it softly. But I doubt it. You’d probably just look like an insane person. And we’re all booked up with the crazies here.

Love you!

Published July 9, 2014



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