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Spirit of the Beehive

Written by Patrick McNamara

The Spirit of the Beehive is a band from Philadelphia that play punk that psychs and sludges and shimmers and fuzzes and pops. They are often loud but sometimes they go soft. Come for the darkness. Stay for the hooks. Reach for the light.

The band of five recently released a six song EP (which follows their full-length debut released wayyyyy back in 2014) called “YOU ARE ARRIVED (but you've been cheated)" and it's very good and imma gonna let you stream it in a minute and after you do and love it you can buy the real deal from either Ice Age Records or Ranch Records. I don't care which label you pick to make the purchase I just want you to make the decision to be happy.

The Spirit of the Beehive has recently played shows with the following good bands: Big Ups + Amanda X + Pile + Pity Sex + Greys + Washer + LVL UP + Palm + Cayetana + Chumped + probably lots more but those are just some of the bands I've recently written about on this blob and that's why their names are linked like that. Anyway, I hope the vague name recognition helps you give this good band a chance too.

In summation, please enjoy streaming good songs now. Then go see The Spirit of the Beehive play and support the arts.

RIYL: Good Bands

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Published October 13, 2015



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