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“Greys are a loud rock rock band from Toronto.” That’s how these four guys describe themselves on their Bandcamp page. Hemingway would’ve loved this band. No nonsense and to the point. And they weren’t lying. Greys are, indeed, a loud rock band from Toronto. Very, very loud. They’re either really angry or really happy. I can’t tell which. I’ll go with happy and pay the consequences for considering the glass to be half full later down the road when that viewpoint gets me PWND.

Toronto seems to have a lot of these good loud bands lately, eh? You know, like Metz + Odonis Odonis + The Soupcans + those are just the ones I recently profiled. There are a plethora of loud band riches up there. Good for you, Toronto. You deserve it. Especially after all you went through when the Expos left town. Oh wait. That was Montreal, wasn’t it. Well, at least you’ll always have your Grizzlies....oh wait that was Vanc...but moving on....

What else to tell you about Greys that you don’t already know? Did we talk about the loud thing yet? We did. Well, sheeee-ittttt, String! How about this, then. Singer/guitarist Shehzaad Jiwani can pull off a helluva scratchy shout when he wants to. And you’ll want him to. It sounds perfectly abrasive above the irritable guitars and stressed out drums. When it works right like that, I do believe that’s called punk rock.

Greys have been compared to Hot Snakes + The Jesus Lizard + your mom + Fugazi + Nirvana. But I compare them to Joe Carter. Joe Carter may not have been a loud band. But he sure was a cool cat when he hit that walk-off against Wild Thing. (c’mon, I know your illustrious sporting history, Toronto! I was just playin’ before! I mean I don’t really know anything about the Maple Leafs but hey there’s still time and hope for me yet and at least I know about the Original Six thing!)

In closing, Greys are a loud rock band from Toronto. “And they are right and have courage and are true and fine.” - Ernest Hemingway

Published July 9, 2013



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