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Written by Patrick McNamara

United Nations are a band. They should not be confused with the intergovernmental organization that promotes international cooperation. Because if you do, that UN might sue your ass. This United Nations won’t do that. They’ll just make your ears bleed. And you’ll thank them for it.

United Nations probably feature members of Thursday + Glassjaw + Converge + Pianos Become the Teeth. But even the devil himself can’t confirm this with absolute 100% non-sue-age certainty. This is very frustrating to the devil. Because the devil is REALLY into this band. They never listened to brutal noise like this in heaven. Part of him is probably glad his ass got kicked out.

These guys (whoever they may be - besides Thursday’s Geoff Rickly - the devil told me that one) have been slaying for almost a decade. But this new band profile isn’t 9 years too late and a million bucks short. No way. No how. It’s super timely. Because United Nations are set to release their first new album in 6 years on the excellent label Temporary Residence. As of this writing (2:05 PM in the Year of the Trial-Size Dove Bar) it’s coming out in less than a month. Now that’s some topical shit.

Below is a song you can stream in order to make your ears bleed. Please note. It may also destroy your face. Go ahead. Don’t be scared. Just do it. The devil loves it. Why not you?

“Thank you, United Nations! May I have another!”

(P.S. UNITED NATION MEMBERS = Lukas Previn, Jonah Bayer, David Haik, Geoffrey Rickly, Zac Sewell)

(the devil talks when he drinks)

Published June 11, 2014



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