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Written by Patrick McNamara

Dirty Dishes is a GOOD duo (Jenny Tuite + Alex Molini) from NYC that have been around for awhile (their first release was way back in 2010 A.D. whoa what was that year even LIKE, man) but I'm just writing about them now on my music blob. Sorry?

Think rock. Think punk. Think sludge. Think pop. Then stop thinking. You've got it. That's Dirty Dishes.

Tuite sings and plays guitar. Molini plays synth and bass. Together, they've played LOTS of shows with LOTS of bands, including La Sera, Eternal Summers, Speedy Ortiz, Big Ups, and loads more but I'm not going to cram 6 years of bands into this thing that's just not my #style. OK. Maybe I'll do a few more. Dirty Dishes has also played shows with HSY, Washer, Krill, Flagland, Two Inch Astronaut and I could go on…. and I will…. Lost Boy?, Kal Marks, Grass is Green, Life Size Maps and NOW I'm done mentioning other good bands Dirty Dishes has played shows with............ for now.

The band's latest release is a song called “All of Me" and you can listen to it directly below these words because I'm super sweet and made that happen for you. Please thank me for introducing you to this musical goodness in the comments section this music blob has never had.

Did you like that song? I thought so. Please remember, though, that's just the start of things. If, like me, you're late to the goodness game that Dirty Dishes has been winning please enjoy blasting this and this and this and get yourself caught up. Wow. Now that's what I call a plethora of streamable riches! Sometimes it pays to be a day late and a buck short.

Please remember The Golden Rockness Rule. It's never ever ever too late to get into somebody good.

Dirty Dishes is good.

You heard it here FOURTEENTH.

Published May 3, 2016



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