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Written by Patrick McNamara

I’m just going to keep writing about riffy/sludgy/really LOUD Toronto punk bands (see: METZ + The Soupcans + PUP + Odonis Odonis + Greys + whoever I write about next week) until the flow of new riffy/sludgy/really LOUD Toronto punk bands that totally slay stops, OK? I’m not going to mix it up just for the sake of mixing it up. That would not be responsible muzik blob journalizm.

HSY (as in, “uh-uh, Hussy! i know you ain’t walking out THAT door with THAT hairspray on YOUR head that you KNOW is MINES!”) is another Up-And-Coming Canadian Shredder nominee in an already crowded and highly competitive field. These two dudes and two ladies bring the distorted riffs, the roaring thunder, and the subtle sense that something terrible will happen. It’s fun times!

Everything is definitely not coming up roses and puppy dogs and ice cream when HSY takes the stage. Granted, I don’t know what the hell singer, Jude, (just Jude - like Prince - or Madonna - or Kevin) is shouting about - but it doesn’t seem to be about a good day he recently had (a lady sings on some of the songs too but I don’t know if her name is Kat or Anna or what Kat/Anna is singing about either - so...just keeping you in the loop on that). Things sound just kind of menacing. In the FUN way!

You will like HSY (as in, “Hussy better reFILL the Brita this time or Hussy’s gonna see Hussy’s ASS on the sidewalk because there ain’t no one named Hussy on MY lease”) if you like the following: bass booms, leaking feedback, sinister staircases leading to broken clock towers, flat stacks of soiled cardboard, concrete viaducts, ruthless expressways, revenge, frozen cities, and forgotten dreams. Or if...you know...you like any of those other Canadian shredders I mentioned just a few dynamic web copy lines ago (and you will like HSY if you like bands that really “rock out” too).

Get this band’s debut EP on Buzz Records. It’s good. I like it. And then go see them play. Because HSY (as in, “Hussy better recognize that Hussy’s muzik blob doesn’t EVEN make NO sense, right? Makin’ up a pretend domestic squabble in the middle of describing a punk band? Hussy, please!”) is a good band.

But for the love of everything that’s already aurally decaying, bring earplugs to this show. Because your hearing, like the time it took you to read this band profile, is something, once lost, that you will never, ever get back again.

Published September 11, 2013



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