Presenting.... The Oh My Rockness CMJ 2014 Show!

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Presenting.... The Oh My Rockness CMJ 2014 Show!

October 16, 2014
Written by Patrick McNamara

We made a party, guys! We’re throwing down our CMJ punker rocker rager show on 10/21 at Cameo Gallery. We asked 5 bands to play. Because they rule. And they all said “yes!” Once again, because they rule. ‘

You could just click this link to see the full lineup. But that’s so BORING. There must be a more fun way of getting you all the Rockness party information you need. Ah-ha! I know. I’ll do one of those “alphabet” type lists. I’ve always wanted to do one of those.

Let’s try it. C’mon. It’ll be fun! And if it doesn’t work, oh wells, I can always go back and delete it. It’s the internet!

A = Amanda X - a band playing - they rule

B = Badges - you can get in free with one

C = Cameo Gallery - that place knows really great parties

D = Dollars, $10 to get in - if you don't have a stinking badge

E = Early, 7 PM doors

F = Friends - bring some - for us - we're in-between friends right now

G = Guitars - all 5 bands have them - added bonus - they also know how to play them

H = Hot - it always is - so wear loose, breathable clothes at the forefront of #fashion

I = I will be there - so will Claire Rockness - come tell us how our music blob got you through a really tough time

J = Jello Shots - before and after - we'll let you know where - I'm so drunk woooo!!!

K = Keep this show on the down low - we’d die if there was a really good turnout for this

L = Love - it's what makes the world go 'round - don't you ever forget it

M = Mannequin Pussy - a band playing - they rule

N = Never - the amount of times you'll say, "Man, this show sucks."

O = Oh My Oh My Whoa My Rockness Blobness

P = PINS - a band playing - they rule

Q = Queen - the band I will be blasting from “the decks” (Music Industry Insider term) before each band takes the stage - because all 5 bands really are the champions.

R = Remember to stare at your screen all night instead of experiencing the real thing

S = September Girls - a band playing - they rule

T = Tickets - available online or at the door - whichever you prefer

U = USA - only 3 bands playing are from there - One World - One Love - Imagine - Hope

V = Vasudeva - a band playing - they rule

W = Wiggle room - make sure you find some - Cameo is pretty intimate wink wink

X = Amanda - again - I guess I could have been like every other alphabet list and done Xylophone or X-Ray or X-tra Fun or some shit like that - but I don’t roll like everybody else - because I’m #punk #rock - just like these 5 bands

Y = Yes, I will be live blobbing the entire evening via my phablet

Z = ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ = this alphabet list - but I tried and anyway it takes #heart


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