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Written by Patrick McNamara

September Girls. Do so much. I was your butch. And you were touched. I loved you well nevermind. I’ve been crying. All the time.

Oh wait. That’s September Gurls. Not September Girls. Sorry. My bag, Don. My bag.

Take Ireland’s overcast skies and move them permanently to Southern California (via some evil arch-villain's diabolical plan to screw up our weather system because his parents never took him to fly a kite as a kid or something) and the pop music made as a result might sound like this.

September Girls are a fuzzy band of five ladies from Dublin that play really good reverb pop. You know, the kinda noisy and slightly psych-y reverb pop that slowly swirls-irls-irls-rls-ls-lss-s-s (there may be even a little bit of indiepop going on here - but I hesitate to mention it - because I don’t want to unnecessarily jingle the jangle of your fragile expectations).

So yeah, this is good pop. But this isn’t necessarily sunny-happy-times-are-here-again pop, per se. But it’s not exactly talking-to-your-imaginary-shadow-on-my-bedroom-wall pensive goth pop, either. Sunshine. Shadows. September Girls’ vibe is somewhere in between. There are shades to these things, dear Rockness reader. Reverb brings emotional nuance, guys-uys-ys-s-s-s.

Listening to September Girls makes me feel like I just discovered a most wondrous buried treasure in a cave hidden off a hidden cove that I now have no way of getting out from.

Listening to September Girls makes me feel like I have the lingering sand of better times in the elastic band of my half-dried-still-clingy swimsuit and I didn’t bring a change of clothes and it’s a long ride home even when traffic isn't bad and it is.

Listening to September Girls makes me feel like my best fake friends on Facebook always take better vacations than me.

Listening to September Girls makes me feel like…..what? What’s that? How about I just tell you what other bands they sound like? Or better yet, just let me listen myself and make up my own damn mind? Well, I’m certainly sorry for wanting to try and connect with you on, like, a deeper, more spiritual level. But at least I finally got you to say something.

Phil Spector meets Best Coast meets My Bloody Valentine. Is that what you want out of your band blurbs? Fine. September Girls is Phil Spector meets Best Coast meets My Bloody Valentine.

And here’s your damn stream.

(December boys got it bad. December boys got it bad.)

Published September 11, 2013



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