The Best Concerts in NYC This Weekend: Baths + Toadies + Caveman + Andrew W.K. + Serena-Maneesh + The Feelies + Oberhofer + Miley Cyrus + Pet Shop Boys + more solid show goodness. - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Concerts in NYC This Weekend: Baths + Toadies + Caveman + Andrew W.K. + Serena-Maneesh + The Feelies + Oberhofer + Miley Cyrus + Pet Shop Boys + more solid show goodness.

April 24, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

I know you have a choice when you procrastinate. So I sincerely thank you for choosing Whoa My Blobness to waste your time.

Whoa My Blobness: just fucking around since 2004.

But this week will be different. No more playing around now. No more jokes. Let’s get serious.

There’s nothing funny about the music industry

Put your hands together and make some noise for.......

The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend, Volume 73 Approximately!

Thursday - April 24th, 2014 A.D.

We need to talk about the Toadies. Because there’s been some alt blob chatter that suggests their album “Rubberneck” belongs in the modern alt grunge rock cannon. Tricky times with the Toadies, guys. I’m not saying yes. I’m not saying no. I’m just saying….. the answer to everything lies…... with the vocals. Shhh. I’ll say no more. Except that the Toadies are playing that album at Irving Plaza tonight. That's it. I'm done. You're on your own for this one.

Perhaps a more powerful alt move would be to instead see Low Fat Getting High + Vulture Shit + Hive Bent + Grizzlor at Death by Audio tonight. Because I’ll tell you what. That’s some good up-and-coming punker rocker stuff right there. And I mean that, man.

Or, maybe even a WAY more big time alt move would be to go see Miley Cyrus. Yeah! Total alt style. Because, you see, you’re IN on the thing where you’re SUPPOSED to NOT like it and therefore you like it but deep down inside you always truly LIKED it anyway. Now that's what I call ALT! Icona Pop and Sky Ferreira also play.

By the way, this is at Nassau Coliseum. And going to a show at Nassau Coliseum just might be the alt-est move of them all.

Flatbush Zombies play a free show at Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight. It’s one of those Converse Rubber Tracks Live RSVP deals. That means if you have already RSVP’d - cool for you. If not - well... I still don’t know how to handle these situations.

Other notable shows = Lee Ranaldo and the Dust at Union Pool + The Uncluded (Aesop Rock + Kimya Dawson) at Zankel Hall + Finding Fiction at Pianos + Har Mar Superstar at The Bowery Electric + DJ Questlove at Brooklyn Bowl.


Friday - April 25th, 2014 A.D.

Baths play Bowery Ballroom tonight. And as of this writing (2:19pm on April 25th in the Year of The Tucks Medicated Pad) it is currently the #2 Most Popular upcoming show on the entire site. You know who decides that position? Not me. You, dear Rockness reader. You. Using your “My Rockness” thing. You have good taste. I really like Baths, too. Let’s chill.

Caveman + Total Slacker + Reputante + Amanda X play Brooklyn Night Bazaar tonight. As always, this is free. As always, the hand woven socks made out of locally sourced kale compost are not. It’s a good place to hang out for a night. Especially when the bands are good. Like tonight.

Andrew W.K. is hosting something billed as a “Grand Piano Party” at SubCulture tonight. I’m not exactly totally 100% sure what it’s all about. But knowing the previous exploits of the kind buddha Andrew, I would imagine it’s going to be a “Grand Piano Party.” I love this guy. Seriously. I do.

(watch this one - it's delightful.)

Kevin Morby opens for Steve Gunn at Rough Trade tonight. He was in Woods and The Babies. He’s solo and over on the other side now. And his music is really pleasant and sometimes even sublime. Read that thing on him. Go ahead. Just click his name. There you go. You got it.

The Feelies play classic jingle jangle at The Bell House. They formed in 1976 - the Bicentennial year that saw the release of such legendary films as “Rocky” + “Taxi Driver” + “Network” + “All the President’s Men” + “Marathon Man.” OK. A case can be made either way for “Marathon Man.” But I liked it. If for nothing more than the demented dentist Sir Laurence Olivier alone.

Anyway, back to The Feelies. I saw them recently. Don’t worry. They’ve still got it.

Other notable shows = EMA at Mercury Lounge + Com Truise at Webster Hall + Lost Boy? at Death by Audio + Midnight Magic at Cameo + Life Size Maps at Glasslands.


Saturday - April 26th, 2014 A.D.

Oberhofer play Brooklyn Night Bazaar with A Great Big Pile of Leaves (surely a very literal minded band) and other good rock ‘n poppers tonight. How many times do I have to mention Brooklyn Night Bazaar on this thing before I don’t also need to mention all shows there are free? At least one more time, I guess.

Bambara + Baked + Kal Marks + Slothrust punk it up at Death by Audio tonight. I recently wrote kind words about ALL FOUR of those bands. That’s why they are all linked up like that. And that just might be a new world record for most original band profiles on the same bill. But I have no way of knowing. No records to keep. For we are all dust in the wind, dudes.

Norway’s Serena-Maneesh play Issue Project Room tonight. There’s a blast. Remember that time circa, let’s say, 2006 when this band was all buzzy and blobby and played here a whole lot? I sure do. A particular Siren Fest comes to mind. They were really good. And probably still are. Not sure. Because Serena-Maneesh haven’t played here since - well - let’s say 2010 - give or take a couple years on either end - I don’t really know - and I’m certainly not gonna go do the #research.

Pet Shop Boys at Terminal 5 tonight. Tricky times with this one, guys. Tricky, tricky times.

(they get it right for half this song - then things go quickly south.)

Other notable shows = Corrosion of Conformity at Saint Vitus + Dead Stars at Union Pool + The Uncluded (again - Aesop Rock + Kimya Dawson) at Brooklyn Bowl + check out the Brooklyn Zine Fest at the Brooklyn Historical Society today and tomorrow.


Sunday - April 27th, 2014 A.D.

Go to a show tonight. Don’t go to a show tonight.

Either way. Everything is right and fine and courageous and true and chill.

Goodness is going to find you no matter what you do.

Goodness here.

Goodness there.

Goodness everywhere.


This has been The Best Shows in NYC This Week, Volume 73 Approximately.

Thanks for reading.

Oh My Rockness: just fucking around since 2004.


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