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Written by Patrick McNamara

Sail away on the sweetness of this truth-seeking pop. You may know Kevin Morby from his days in Woods and The Babies. He moved from Brooklyn (goodbye, wonderfully dark days) to Los Angeles (hello, pleasant isolation) and released his first solo album (on Woodsist). It’s called “Harlem River.” It’s really good. You should try it. Ask a wise old river man to ferry you across to experience it.

(river men are around - you'll see them everywhere - once you start looking.)

Morby sings easy breezy songs about love and death, the road, god and the devil. So yeah. There's a weight to this. But the heaviness won’t get you down. Because when Kevin sings, things sound more resigned than forlorn. "It is what it is so we might as well consider the chill." My words. Not his.

It's a spiritual/non-spiritual quest this man is going on, sure. But there doesn’t seem to be much of a race to find out all the answers and see the big picture (the picture is an illusion anyway). Let’s ease into the journey. Let's spend some time playing with the melodic. We’ll get to the bigger unknown stuff in time. Don't worry. It’s fine.

Kev-Mo’s vocals are super smooth. Like butter sliding down the bow of a boat on a sunny day, my friend. His gentle guitar plinks right along with him, making pretty melodies that twinkle with a feeling of tender disappointment. If life is just a game. Oh well. At least we got to play.

Here's a pop troubadour travelling far and wide and working to figure it out. And I wanna come along and spend a some time considering Morby's goodness. I think you will want to, too. If that's the case....

He's gonna need a bigger boat.

Published March 25, 2014



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