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Written by Patrick McNamara

Look out now. Things are getting hectic. Hive Bent are one dude (that’s Kyle destroying his drums over there) and one lady (there’s Steph on the shrieks and the guibass) from Baltimore. Together, they make ferociously sublime noise punk that hits it loud and plays it fast. So you’re gonna wanna move in on this. STAT. Or POOF. There goes the goodness.

Remember when I was talking about Steph’s guibass in that last dynamic paragraph? I didn’t spell something wrong. No. You see, I didn’t include the (sic) because I believed you'd figure out the deal, dear Rockness reader. You can guess what a guibass sounds like, right? If you guess “noodle-y” or "twinkle-y" you are WRONG, son. DEAD WRONG. If you guess “sludgy” you WIN the right to go on living your always right life! That thing sludges so hard I never want to wash behind my ears again. What does that even mean? I DON’T KNOW. I just know the guibass is the best instrument and it rules. Forever and Ever. Amen.

If you like any of the following bands (that I totally coincidentally have also profiled for my favorite section of the site), you might like Hive Bent (please note: I thought of these band comparisons extremely quickly): Roomrunner (Baltimore love) + Greys + Torche + Vulture Shit (because I just scanned Whoa My Blobness and saw Hive Bent is playing a show with them #behindtheblob) + Rodan (didn’t recently write about them - but there go my heroes) any other band that throttles you with the BOOMS and comes after you so loud, sludgy, courageous, right, fine, and true.

Right below these dynamic words I have conveniently posted Hive Bent’s just released (April) (2014) (A.D.) and just wonderful EP “Dyatlov” for you. I’m sure that title means something but I can’t quite figure out what. Maybe it’s an abbreviation or an anagram or something. Perhaps it’s one of those deals where you can only decode its meaning by holding the EP cover art up to a mirror while standing on your head with the lights turned down low. Maybe it’s just the name of some Russian dude. I don’t know. I just know these five songs rule. And knowing that is half the battle to knowing that that’s all you need to know.

Don't wait. Go on. Hurry up. Get Hive Bent.

(P.S.: Kyle is a good drummer.)

Published April 15, 2014



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