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The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: LCD Soundsystem, Girlpool, Jose Gonzalez, Empress Of, Yung, Field Music, Chrome Sparks and lots more musical goodness

March 24, 2016

Written by Patrick McNamara

Would you like to talk about some good shows happening in NYC this weekend (Thursday counts as the weekend now -- so sayeth this music blob) in warm, friendly and 100% chill laid-back manner?

Say nothing if you'd like to and we totally will.

Terrific! I paused for 5 minutes and heard nothing so I'll take your silence as a resounding YES.

On with the shows!


Thursday - March 24, 2016 A.D.

Jose Gonzalez plays Beacon Theater tonight and considering this seemingly forever-solid singer songwriter came all the way from Sweden to play for you the least you could do is consider showing up.

*I've lived in NYC 16 years and I've never been to Beacon Theater - I'm a little embarrassed about it so please don't tell anyone - please note: I also mentioned this a couple weeks ago on this thing

Three good up-and-coming bands. One low price (7 bones). Now that's my kind of show! Dead Stars + Surf Rock is Dead + Palmas + Droor play Berlin and they're all good. You heard it here SECOND.

Boston hardcore (in the super melodic way) band Aviator opens the action at the famed Emmanuel Lewis Hall* tonight so I wanted to take this relevant opportunity to play one of my very favorite songs from 2014. It's about growing up. Thanks for listening.

*ah the old standby joke

Other notable Thursday shows = Jukebox the Ghost at Bowery Ballroom + Sunburned Hand of Man at Union Pool + Lust for Youth at Market Hotel + Telegram at Pianos + Hoodie Allen at Baby's All Right (Annie Shawl to open….just kidding…..again….#2good4digital)


Friday - March 25, 2016 A.D.

Damn. This is a pretty good night. If you don't like hopping from show to show it's a lazy man's delight out there. Just pick one of these and stay there.

Yung (click their name to read my really great profile of them) + B Boys (click their name to read my really great profile of them) + The Yin Yangs (click their name to read my really great profile on them) + Telegrams play Shea Stadium. That's 1-2-3-4 GOOD PUNK. #clicktheirnametoreadmyreallygreatprofileonthem

Speaking of 1-2-3 GOOD PUNK (it's not recycled copy if it's #true) Philly's Restorations (good punk) + Philly's Creepoid (good punk) + Ontario's The Dirty Nil (good punk) play Rough Trade.

Girlpool + LVL UP + Told Slant + Palberta play Market Hotel and unlike those other two 1-2-3 GOOD PUNK shows happening tonight this one's more like 1-2-3-4 GOOD PUNK. Check the math. It just adds up.

*please note: Girlpool also headline Market Hotel on Saturday…..because they rule.

Empress Of plays Bowery Ballroom and her music has been in constant DJ rotation here at Rockness HQ. She's really GOOD.

If none of these shows sound appealing might I be so bold to suggest you try Carly Rae Jepsen at Terminal 5 instead? Her team says she's ALT now it's totally OK to like her.....because she's ALT. But anyway, here's her new version of the "Full House" theme. Wow, Now That's What I Call ALT!

Other notable Friday shows = Shellshag at Aviv + HEEMS at Baby's All Right + David Cross at BAM + Lake Street Dive at Beacon Theater + Martin Rev at Good Room


Saturday - March 26, 2016 A.D.

If you like the punk rock like I like the punk rock there's a good one going down at Palisades tonight with Guerilla Toss + Downtown Boys + Future Punx. Consider attending this show whenever you're reading to consider attending good things.

British rockster popsters Field Music play Rough Trade. Hey, I remember them! Please enjoy this really hot 10-year-old profile I wrote on Field Music where I compared them to The Shins. BURN AFTER READING.

Or, you could go to Baby's All Right and see Slothrust + Diet Cig + Yung. Is this 1-2-3 GOOD PUNK? Yes. Yes, it is. 1-2-3 GOOD PUNK FOREVA.

Other notable Saturday shows = Girlpool at Market Hotel + DJ Chrome Sparks at Palisades (late) + Bellows at Shea Stadium + Deru 1979 at BRIC House


Sunday - March 27, 2016 A.D.

LCD Soundsystem plays Webster Hall tonight and tomorrow. But hang on. Hang on now. Don't get TOO excited. Because it's one of those "enter a lottery to maybe win the opportunity to purchase tickets" type of jobs. Love those.

Anyway.....good luck. You'll need it.

Let's see. What else? Um. I don't know. Rihanna? Is she alt now too? Will she soon cover the theme song to "Gummy Bears?" Wow, Now That's What I Call Alt!


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