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B Boys

Written by Patrick McNamara

B Boys is three dudes from NYC who make chilly herky jerky post _____ punk that will rock your FACE.

If you like _____ or ____ _____ or The ______ you will like this band. BET.

B Boys has been playing around town for a bit (they've recently played shows with Soda, Pill, and EZTV to name but a few) and all that practice means they got pretty pretty pretttttty good. So good that Captured Tracks (home to: Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils, DIIV, Mac DeMarco, Widowspeak, Perfect Pussy let's just stop it there and pick up the rest of their excellent roster later) was like, “we wanna put out your debut album, B Boys!" and so that's what's happening VERY soon (on March 18, 2016 A.D. to be exact which already may be in the past depending on when you're reading this band profile I never plan on updating).

Because I'm such a chill dude I went on The Inter Netz and found a #dope song from their new album ("No Worry No Mind") so that you may listen to it immediately.

Love it now. Works best if you blast it.

(Please remember to mind your FACE.)

File Under: __________

RIYL: _____ __________

Published January 26, 2016



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