The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: Girl Band + MillionYoung + Simian Mobile Disco + The Church + Ex Cops + Pictureplane + Bjork + Palma Violets + Craft Spells + Heavenly Beat + Kindness + Kevin Morby + Magic Man + Beverly + more goodness - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: Girl Band + MillionYoung + Simian Mobile Disco + The Church + Ex Cops + Pictureplane + Bjork + Palma Violets + Craft Spells + Heavenly Beat + Kindness + Kevin Morby + Magic Man + Beverly + more goodness

March 12, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

It’s the week before SXSW and that means a bunch of bands playing that thing play here first. It happens every spring.

So if you’re going to SXSW partially consider this latest installment of the dynamic original digital feature "The Best Shows This Week" as a preview of the goodness yet to come in the Texas sun (rhymes = really good digital content). And also, please check our unofficial guide to SXSW which officially rules (don't sweat the segue technique).

If you’re NOT going to SXSW you maybe made the right call, man. You don't need to go anywhere. The goodness comes to you.

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Thursday - March 12th, 2015 A.D.

Dublin’s Girl Band (click their name for really great original digital content) was supposed to play their stabby jabby post-punk shreds for you awhile back but had some visa issues (should’ve used Discover, son) and had to bail. But they’re back now and they play Baby’s All Right tonight and tomorrow at Mercury Lounge.

Super smooth Florida synth pop project MillionYoung (that's a really old band profile - sorry - I have a lot of those - consider them time capsules) is led by easygoing 100% cool chill dude, Mike Diaz. He's slinging the laid-back sounds at Pianos tonight. Please note: MillionYoung also play the night before at Baby’s All Right. I mentioned this in the notes but perhaps you missed it.

Simian Mobile Disco have traveled all the way from England to play a live set of their hits at Output for FIXED. This one will be a banger. Just like the following song…. that’s somehow impossibly now eight (8!) years old….. time, please pause your passage for a moment… you’re going too fast.

Other notable shows = Milo Greene and Wardell at Bowery Ballroom + Alabama Shakes at Beacon Theater + Cool Ghouls at Cake Shop + Penguin Prison at Rough Trade + Scharpling and Wurster at The Bell House + Chris Brokaw at Union Pool


Friday - March 13th, 2015 A.D.

Really good Australian jingle-jangle band Twerps (lots of good jingle-jangle this week - I wouldn’t have it any other way) play tonight at Rough Trade and Saturday at Mercury Lounge. Here’s something that might interest you. I think Twerps are one of the 15 Bands You Should See at SXSW 2015 this year and you'll never BELIEVE who the other 14 are!

Did somebody say Australia? No, but I did just type "Australian" a few lines ago. Australia’s The Church play Bowery Ballroom (and Saturday at Rough Trade). I would now like you to listen to one of my favorite jingle-jangle songs (again) OF ALL TIME. Wait for the 2:27 mark, please. Because that part is what I talk about when I talk about jingle-jangle.

(*Behind The Blob fun fact about this show - The Sharp Things open and Oh My Rockness’s own Claire used to play cello in that band - this has been your #BehindTheBlob #funfact.)

Ex Cops play Brooklyn Night Bazaar and this Brooklyn band was in the news last week and it wasn’t because of the solid sounds they sling. They did a MASSIVE SXSW TAKEDOWN OF MCDONALDS. Eat your heart out, Morgan Spurlock. Good band. I'd $$$ to see them. But I'm not going to tonight. This one is FREE.

Travis Egedy aka Pictureplane plays Aviv and that guy is way overdue for a new album, don’t you think? My impatience is purely out of love. It's cool. I’ll try to ride the silence out by continuing to spin his hits. For a chill time and dancing - choose this show.

Other notable shows = The Cribs at Baby’s All Right + Yumi Zouma at Cameo Gallery + Girl Band at Mercury Lounge (late) + Craft Spells at Mercury Lounge (early) + Milo Greene and Wardell at Music Hall of Williamsburg + Dead Stars at Shea Stadium


Saturday - March 14th, 2015 A.D.

Bjork continues her March NYC takeover at Carnegie Hall tonight. The reviews of her new MoMA retrospective haven’t been kind. But let’s let the museums focus on the museums and the concerts focus on the concerts and then maybe we can all get along and have a nice time.

I’m pretty sure London ‘post-something’ band Palma Violets were supposed to take over “This Side of The Pond” a couple years ago. Did that ever happen? Anyway, they play the intimately awesome Shea Stadium tonight and as of this writing (which again, is 14 years prior to your reading this right now) the show is NOT sold-out................ yet. But I’ll keep you posted. I promise. So help me blob.

Beverly play Baby’s All Right and I don’t know how many times I have to tell you this is a good band but I’m prepared to keep telling you and follow this recommendation all the way. "To the end (snaps)... of the line... (snaps)." ←----------- RUSHMORE!

Brooklyn Night Bazaar has a really good 1-2-3-4 lineup tonight and it’s FREE. Craft Spells + The Bilinda Butchers + Foxes in Fiction + Heavenly Beat all play (all good) so you’re going to want to come early to this one and stay straight….to the end (snaps).... of the line (snaps). ←-------- ECHO!

Other notable shows = Kindness at Bowery Ballroom + Krill and Frankie Cosmos and LVL UP at Silent Barn + The Cribs at Saint Vitus + Magic Man at Music Hall of Williamsburg + Twerps at Mercury Lounge


Sunday - March 15th, 2015 A.D.

If you are interested in ending your week (or is Sunday…. the beginning, mannnn?) with some too too sexy beats (two times the sexy) might I be so bold as to suggest you get sexed up at the Kindness show at Rough Trade? Because Adam Bainbridge’s synth pop makes the babies, y’all.

Speaking of typing about babies, Kevin Morby is a very fine songwriter that used to be in the band The Babies. Don't sweat my segues. He plays Baby’s All Right and I like his songs a lot.

You may have noticed Magic Man’s name featured subtly all over this really great original digital article this week. If you’re reading this on Sunday you already missed this dance-able pop band from Boston play a few shows this week and tonight at Bowery Ballroom is your last chance to see them. Amen.

Did somebody recently type "MAGIC MAN, MANNNNNNN???????????"

Other notable shows = why do you need other options I just gave you three solid choices and on a SUNDAY too



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