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Written by Patrick McNamara

Ain't nothin' wrong with this band. Ain't nothin' wrong at all.

Chicago's Whitney is a new band formed by Max Kakacek (Smith Westerns - click that if you like reading 5-year-old band profiles) and Julien Ehrlich (Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Smith Westerns). They play soulful singalong country pop that sounds happy but is probably really not. You know how them country songs do. Regardless, everything comes up chill in the end.

Think easy. Think breezy. But don't think too much. Just let the good vibes ride, man.

As of this writing (11:46 AM in the Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) Whitney is currently sitting at six members (two guitars, bass, keys, horns, drums) and the crew has played shows with Blonde Redhead, Protomartyr, Porches, Modern Baseball, Perfect Pussy, Murals and more good bands you've probably heard of. Former members of Smith Westerns and UMO are gonna get on some good shows and that's just the way it is.

Below is the first song Whitney gave to the world. It's called “No Matter Where We Go" and it's good for driving around with the windows down.

And if you like that song (you will) please enjoy listening to Whitney covering Allen Toussaint too.

And here's the original. Why not?

I hope you learned something about Whitney today.

Ain't nothin' wrong with this band. Ain't nothin' wrong at all.

Published December 8, 2015



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