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New York's Blonde Redhead have been so good for so long it's as if people started taking them for granted. But they've been getting a lot of new love as of late. They've released two outstanding albums in a row, Misery is a Butterfly and 23. The albums began a major transition for the band. Not only did they leave their longtime label Touch & Go for a major (4AD), but the band also captured its darkest and most delicate sounds to date.

Blonde Redhead has often been compared to early Sonic Youth thanks to their no-wave, noisy art-rock tendencies. They also invited comparisons when Sonic Youth's drummer, Steve Shelley, released Blonde Redhead's self-titled debut on his label, Smells Likes Records. But slowly the Sonic Youth analogies have faded away as the band put out one stellar release after another, changing their sound to reflect their growing inspirations as musicians.

And as good as they are on disc, Blonde Redhead are even better live. The band will probably be considered one of the most influential bands of the past decade.
Published July 30, 2007



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