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Written by Patrick McNamara

Imagine Parquet Courts casually meeting The Get Up Kids on a street corner and they started chatting about whatever the hell it is bands chat about when they meet on street corners (how was "the road," dude?)("the road" was pretty cool, man, we sold a ton of "merch."), when all the sudden this HUGE light ray straight outta the sky BLASTS both bands. But they don’t disintegrate or anything. Don’t worry. They’re mostly fine. Health wise. The ray just melted and fused The Get Up Kids and Parquet Courts together into one band. And that band MIGHT…..be Modern Baseball. (Did I nail it? Did I? I didn’t nail it... did I. Don't give up on me. Don’t you QUIT ME!)

Philadelphia's Modern Baseball are an pop-emo-punk-post-all-of-those-genres-or-something bands that will certainly put you in a better mood - even if they’re singing about death and heartbreak and pain and stuff - but that’s stuff not that important. What is VERY important is that Modern Baseball is a very catchy band. And you can sing along to it, too! Assuming you put in the work and learn the words, of course. But singer/guitarist Brendan Lukens helps you out with that tremendously. Because this guy enunciates his problems like a champion. So in summation of this paragraph, this is one of those pop-emo-punk-post-all-of-those-genres-or-something bands where the listener can, you know, like, actually hear the words, and whatnot, and such as, and so forth.

Modern Baseball released a very catchy album called, “Sports” - not to be confused with the Huey Lewis & The News and/or Weekend albums of the same name please. Although...I could see how if maybe Huey Lewis and Weekend were both hit with some HUGE light ray from the sky and the big BLAST melted and fused together….oh, nevermind. What I really want to tell you is - try and find and stream that album “Sports.” Because it’s really good. Ugh. OK. Fine. I’LL put in the elbow grease and post it for you. AGAIN. Hold on.

There. Just did posted it. And you don’t want to even KNOW the hoops I had to go through to embed that for you. Let’s just say my exploits and follies could’ve been the plot to The Hangover IV. So please stream this album. For you. For me. For Modern Baseball. For pain. And heartbreak. And death. And love. Forever and Ever. Amen.

Published November 12, 2013



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