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Written by Patrick McNamara

Louisville's White Reaper is a super solid fuzzy punk band that will happily scuzz you out, for sure, but prepare yourself for the pretty melodies too (the secret lies with the keys - don't you see? - the keys, you fool! follow the keys!). This is one big sweet and sloppy sing along song.

The band formed circa 2013, released a six song EP in 2014 (File Under: Good), released their full-length debut earlier this year and in between they've managed to find the time to play shows with good bands like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Titus Andronicus (click that for a fun blast from the past) and Twin Peaks and Girlpool and PAWS and Ultimate Painting and I'm just going to stop there. I can't be listing good bands all day and those are just the shows in NYC.

Remember that full-length debut album I JUST mentioned in the previous paragraph? I've taken the liberty of sourcing the code, copying and pasting it, and posting it directly below. It's called “White Reaper Does It Again" (they did) and it's good. Polyvinyl put it out so trust their word that it's good if you prefer not to trust mine. I guess I couldn't blame you much.

Stream it like you mean it. Works best if you blast it.

File Under: Good

RIYL: the keys, you fool! follow the keys!

Published October 6, 2015



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