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Written by Patrick McNamara

London's Ultimate Painting is Jack Cooper (of Mazes) + James Hoare (of Veronica Falls) who formed the band in 2014 (before we knew there was water on Mars and the moon turned to blood). Live, they're joined by AJ Cozzi + Neil Robinson + Will Young. Cool, now that we've got everybody's names out of the way we can dig a little bit deeper into this indie pop goodness.

Yes, indie pop. Do you like jingle? Do you like jangle? Do you like easy? Do you like breezy? Do you like Embracing The Chill? If you thought about answering yes to any of these rhetorical questions (I didn't wait for your reply) you should think about getting into Ultimate Painting. You won't be mad at me for recommending them. I promise. So help me blob.

The band's full-length debut is out now on Trouble in Mind (also home to Dick Diver, they're a good band too and tender is the night whenever I play them) and the chill move on your part would be to listen to it because I'm telling you those ten songs won't do you wrong, man. They'll chill you up real nice.

Ultimate Painting has been compared to the following bands that already exist: Twerps + The Velvet Underground + Veronica Falls (obvsly) + Parquet Courts (nope, don't hear that but they did tour with them so what do I know) + Television (ehhhh) + some more I'm sure. Anyway, I hope this helps.

Even though Ultimate Painting formed just last year and they live all the way in London they somehow have still found the time to play NYC ten times already. You see? It's work ethic like that that really gets you places, kids. Like your very own band profile on Oh My Rockness. (It also helps to be super chill about things and let life's jingle jangles fall where they may.)

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Published September 29, 2015



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