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Ho-hum. Just another solid guitar band from Scotland. Ho-hum. Glasgow's PAWS are a trio that make fuzzy lo-fi garage punkness. You can sing along to this, kids. Do me a favor. Push that streaming "play" button down below and listen along as you read the rest of this band profile.

Listening? Cool. Now, if you said this is early days Wavves meets early days Cloud Nothings meets Jaill meets The Babies, no one would look at you crazy, right? Right. And who wants someone to look at you crazy? Epic battles have been waged for less. You'll also probably hear there is a kind of playfulness to PAWS' jams - this music is meant for partying, not for poopers of such things.

But PAWS don't play too much. They play around just enough. This isn't a joke band we're talking about here. This isn't twee. This is still punk. PAWS still rock out. This band just doesn't seem to take themselves too seriously. And I, for one, always appreciate bands who take that approach. You hear all that too, right? (If no, please note: these guys have a song called "Boregasm." Oh, and also, "Sore Tummy.")

PAWS full length debut is coming out on FatCat (oops, just gave away how old this profile is to all readers of the distant future). FatCat has put out records by some other solid bands from Scotland. Like, We Were Promised Jetpacks and Twilight Sad. Ho-hum, guys. Ho-hum.

Published February 07, 2013



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